Five Nintendo Characters That Would Have Persona 5 Palaces

Joker from Persona 5 being added to the Super Smash Brothers roster makes for an interesting combination of characters, but with his inclusion, I had to wonder which Nintendo characters would have palaces?  Palaces in Persona 5 are manifestations of extreme thoughts that twist the thinker’s views into seeing the world in a drastically distorted […]

My Five Favorite Fire Emblem Characters

I haven’t done anything regarding Fire Emblem in awhile and I really wanted to change that.  As a huge fan of the series I’ve played through all of the games released to the west and went through hours of support conversations to learn more about these characters.  While the games contain so many amazing characters, […]

Why I Am Waiting to Return to Anime NYC

So I spent a good long while considering going back to Anime NYC this year, 2018.  Even though my experience last year was one of the worst con experiences I’ve ever had I strongly feel this event has so much potential.  Ultimately though I made the decision to let this event pass me by, at […]

Five Jaw Dropping Anime Moments

In Anime we see moments that entertain us all the time; however, only a select few have ever been able to command absolute silence and awe from those who watch it.  These moments usually have some uniqueness about them or just have a special sort of flair that makes them stand out from the rest.  […]

My Ranking of the Conventions of 2017

So I actually wound up going to several conventions this year.  Some of which did not get full reviews mainly because I didn’t do enough at those events to pack on enough details for a review, but I will rank all of the cons I went to over 2017.  For the most part the conventions […]

Anime Weekend Atlanta Review

So another convention has come and gone and this time I set my sights on Anime Weekend Atlanta #AWA. To be honest I planned for this way late because I wasn’t originally going to go to this but they announced some awesome guests about a month before the event that changed my mind. I’m really glad […]