Hello, my name is Getmorexp, and welcome to my website.  I’m a traveler, collector, photographer, and storyteller. I go to conventions that represent my favorite video games and animes.  I love sharing stories of my experiences collecting new items and autographs for my favorite fandoms like Fire Emblem where I hold one of the largest collections of Fire Emblem autographs.

I’ve been to over 60 conventions and what I’ve found is there is usually something to love about each and every event you go to.  The things that happen in my travels are often random and extraordinary plus the people I get to meet are all incredible.

Here you’ll find reviews of the games, shows and conventions I find myself apart of.  Storys of my most unusual moments in my travels and just a random asortment of my thoughts and feelings of these unique forms of entertainment.

Feel free to subscribe and leave comments on my work and if you ever want to talk you can also find me on the following websites:

Facebook: Facebook.com/getmorexp

Twitter: @Getmorexp

Instagram: Getmorexp64


Drawn by Kevin Draper

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