MoreXPodcast Tea Time With Rachelle Heger

So I’m finally doing interview content again and so with that, I want to announce some changes to MoreXPodcast. So I removed all of my solo content because well frankly I found doing solo podcasting just isn’t for me. All the respect for all those who create content this way but I’ve found I have […]

Five Best Switch Games with Multiple Routes

I haven’t made a list in a while and I’ve been meaning to for some time, especially one that gives me a reason to talk about Fire Emblem some more. Spoiler alert for the list but I think most of my readers were expecting that. One thing I love about some video games is how […]

Analysis: Fire Emblem Three Houses Vs Fire Emblem Engage

So as soon as reviews for Fire Emblem: Engage came out there was a hoard of comparisons between it and Fire Emblem: Three Houses/Hopes the previous and arguably most popular entry in the franchise. The discourse got so heated that I have seen people devalue Engage simply because they viewed Three Houses to be a […]

Matsuricon 2022 Review: A Very Welcomed Return

Matsuricon is one of the conventions I go to a lot. In fact, I’ve gone to this event without fail since 2016 and the number of times I’ve attended this convention is second only to Lexington Toy and Comic Con. So it’s clear I’ve been waiting for this event to return, but with the return […]