New Pokemon Snap Review

Up till now Pokemon Snap was a game I barely had the chance to play because I grew up in a low income household and we couldn’t afford an N64. In fact in an attempt to save up for an N64 by the time I had the money for a console the Gamecube was out. […]

Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Review

With most entries of Pokemon you usually get a pair of games and then after a certain amount of time a new game is released with a little bit of additional content from the original title. Now I loved playing Pokemon Sword and was really excited that this new content was available as DLC rather […]

Top Five Emotional Moments of Anime

Anime has a wide range of moments that just hit us deeply on the emotional level.  These moments are often found at major climactic moments of a show and can fundamentally change how the show continues from that point forward.  Now all of these are based on my own opinion and my reasoning for these […]

Five Nintendo Characters That Would Have Persona 5 Palaces

Joker from Persona 5 being added to the Super Smash Brothers roster makes for an interesting combination of characters, but with his inclusion, I had to wonder which Nintendo characters would have palaces?  Palaces in Persona 5 are manifestations of extreme thoughts that twist the thinker’s views into seeing the world in a drastically distorted […]

Pokemon Sword Review

I can’t recall Pokemon ever having a main series game that was so divisive amongst fans; however, Pokemon Sword/Shield has managed to have the whole fan base proclaiming strong feels for and against the decisions made in this game.  Ultimately the main gameplay stayed the same, but they added a few unique features in hopes […]

Detective Pikachu Review: A Joyful Experience

Usually, when a video game transitions to the big screen, the transition results into some sort of abomination that somewhat sounds like the video games we have come to love.  So naturally, I was very concerned about how well this movie was going to turn out.  Luckily this movie was every bit the Pokemon experience […]