MoreXPodcast Tea Time With Rachelle Heger

So I’m finally doing interview content again and so with that, I want to announce some changes to MoreXPodcast. So I removed all of my solo content because well frankly I found doing solo podcasting just isn’t for me. All the respect for all those who create content this way but I’ve found I have […]

Five Best Switch Games with Multiple Routes

I haven’t made a list in a while and I’ve been meaning to for some time, especially one that gives me a reason to talk about Fire Emblem some more. Spoiler alert for the list but I think most of my readers were expecting that. One thing I love about some video games is how […]

Vendor Spotlight: Colorworld

It’s only natural that at some point I was going to put Colorworld on the list of vendors that I acknowledge in my vendor spotlight. Colorworld is a vendor that I’ve been a customer of for years since Anime Expo 2019 and I have never been disappointed with any of the merch or hangouts I’ve […]