Five Amazing Mothers in Nintendo

With it being Mother’s Day I thought now would be the best time to do a mothers-themed entry for my website and well that wasn’t easy to do. We have a lot of characters in anime and video games but mothers not nearly as much. Usually due to some plot element of some kind mothers are either quickly sidelined as rarely-seen characters or just killed altogether. However, Nintendo does have a few characters that embraced the role of motherhood either by being a biological, adoptive, or simply a mother figure they have all taken on the incredibly respected task. Here is a tribute to those in Nintendo who have done a great job as mothers. There will be some spoilers ahead just as a fair warning.

5. Almedha

While not the best mother out of all those on this list Almedha from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn still had the most important quality of all which was a devoted love for her child. The wife of the mad king Ashnard was separated from her son Soren at a young age and was tricked many years later on into thinking another man Pelleas was her child. She did figure out that Pelleaus was not hers but her motherly instincts were still triggered and she was willing to have even an entire nation burn if it meant saving his life. It was only after many in-game conditions were met that she learned who her actual son was and she recognized him on sight and was happy to see he was safe.

4. Rosalina

Rosalina from the Mario series was the adoptive mother of all of the star creatures known as lumas. When she was first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy. At first, she went on a quest with the first luma she met to find the luma’s mother; however, in that quest, she showed so much compassion and love that it drew Lumas far and wide to her side and she became a mother to each and every one of them. Her love for them was so strong she would go to great lengths to protect them even fighting the powers of a dark curse when she saw they were in danger in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

3. Delia Ketchum

Delia is the mother of Ash Ketchum the protagonist of the Pokemon series whose story just recently ended after 25 years. Delia has been incredibly supportive of Ash’s endeavors for the entirety of his Pokemon journey and was such an amazing mother it became a big topic in the third Pokemon movie. The antagonist was missing a mother figure and was quick to kidnap Delia to fill that missing void Delia being the compassionate person she is wanted desperately to help in any way she can.

2. Lumera

Lumera from Fire Emblem: Engage was really devoted to her role as the mother of Alear. While not their biological mother, Lumera the divine dragon, adopted the fell dragon Alear to give them a better life than what they could have with their actual father Sombron. To do this she waited 1000 years while Alear slept from a near life-ending injury and gave them her divine power so that they may escape their past as the fell dragon to become a fully realized divine dragon. Thanks to her devotion that wish came true and Alear used the power of the divine dragon to defeat Sombrom.

Finally: Mom from Animal Crossing

While not given a name other than mom, or even a face, in every Animal Crossing game your character has a mother that is very quick to send constant letters of praise, and kindness, many of which contained gifts that made for a great way to find hard-to-find items. Even if you have long since stopped playing your Animal Crossing games one thing that remains constant is you will have a slew of letters from your mother if you ever decide to return.

Happy Mother’s Day everybody.

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