Five Most Intimidating Fire Emblem Antagonists

Over the years Fire Emblem has created numerous enemies for you to slay during the course of each game.  While most of these enemies are one off bosses that are very forgettable, a few of these enemies appear for a majority of the game and manage to create a terrifying impression either.  This is a […]

My Thoughts on the Fire Emblem Expo

So recently we found out a Fire Emblem expo will be taking place in Japan early 2019.  Now as a Fire Emblem fan I am excited that an event like this even exists considering how close the series was to ending before Fire Emblem: Awakening came out.  Since my favorite game series is Fire Emblem […]

My Five Favorite Fire Emblem Characters

I haven’t done anything regarding Fire Emblem in awhile and I really wanted to change that.  As a huge fan of the series I’ve played through all of the games released to the west and went through hours of support conversations to learn more about these characters.  While the games contain so many amazing characters, […]

Ranking the Fire Emblem 3DS Titles

Fire Emblem Echos: Shadows of Valentia ended the biggest era in Fire Emblem history, the era of the games appearances on the 3DS.  It all started with Awakening which was originally planned to be the final Fire Emblem game and now we have a new entry in the series almost every year.  To celebrate how […]

Seven Blazing Fire Emblem Facts

Due to Fire Emblem’s recent popularity many fans are aware of Fire Emblem Awakeningand many of the secrets and hidden gems it has to offer; however, Fire Emblem has an incredible amount of lore spanning the multiple games released worldwide and the many more released only in Japan. We’re going to go through a few […]

How did Fire Emblem Awakening Save the Series?

Fire Emblem Awakening will always be known as the game that saved a series.  In a world before Awakening, Fire Emblem was a very unknown franchise only brought to the U.S due to the popularity of Marth and Roy in Super Smash Brothers Melee.  Unfortunately, the series went through five games and the sales were […]