My Thoughts on the Fire Emblem Expo

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So recently we found out a Fire Emblem expo will be taking place in Japan early 2019.  Now as a Fire Emblem fan I am excited that an event like this even exists considering how close the series was to ending before Fire Emblem: Awakening came out.  Since my favorite game series is Fire Emblem and I’m close to 100 autographs for the series I wanted to express my thoughts on the event.

I love the fact that an expo like this is finally happening.  I just wish that it was somewhere I could actually go to.  I even looked up plane tickets and it’s just a lot to buy a $1500 plane ticket for me alone, but I also take my fiance with me to all the conventions I go to which of course doubles the flight expenses.  With that being said I still hope the best for this event because this is a great symbol of how far Fire Emblem has risen in popularity.  What I’m hoping for is for this event to do so well that it creates a need to have a similar event in the states.  If that was the case I’d go to it yearly.  I can only imagine how awesome the merchandise will be at this event and I’m honestly very bummed I can’t go.  So yeah my overall thought is that his is awesome but it’s awesome that is beyond my reach and it is tough.

Have fun at Fire Emblem Expo and if you go please comment with some pictures.  I’d love to see what it was like.

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