Ranking the Fire Emblem 3DS Titles

Fire Emblem Echos: Shadows of Valentia ended the biggest era in Fire Emblem history, the era of the games appearances on the 3DS.  It all started with Awakening which was originally planned to be the final Fire Emblem game and now we have a new entry in the series almost every year.  To celebrate how awesome the Fire Emblem 3DS games here is a list ranking all five of them.  To make matters simple I considered each version of Fire Emblem: Fates as its own game.  Of course this game will contain spoilers for the Fire Emblem 3DS games.

5. Fire Emblem: Fates  Birthright

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While I loved each of the Fire Emblem games on the 3DS, Birthright takes the last spot for me on this list.  While the story was amazing and many of the characters were lovable, the game suffers a bit in comparison to the others with too much emphasis on the royal family and an unusually easy difficulty that was drastically easier than the other Fire Emblem games I’ve played.  The game’s story was amazing and I did love the characters but the story doesn’t give many opportunities for a lot of these characters to shine and because the game was easy it did not require the level of strategy I was accustomed to using to beat the maps.  Overall the game’s still so much fun it’s just the other games happened to be better in my mind.

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

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Still another amazing game in the series but this game suffered one flaw that was also in Birthright and that was the focus of the main characters.  The other characters were not as memorable as other side characters found in other Fire Emblem titles like Awakening and Echos. What sets this apart from Birthright is the unforgiving difficult of this game.  This game was a challenge and I loved every second of it and again the story was amazing.  It was so dark in comparison to what I was used to in a Fire Emblem game that I was just absolutely excited to see where the story was going to go.

Fire Emblem: Fates Revelation

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This game is easily the best of the Fates trilogy for a number of reasons.  First of all it had a solid difficulty level.  The game also made side characters more lovable.  Gunter being possessed and turning into a temporary enemy late in the game, and Scarlet’s memorable death made characters that I barely noticed in other games and made them into units I couldn’t forget.  The story was one of the more unique stories in the entire Fire Emblem series and actually playing both Birthright and Conquest prior to this game made Revelation more amazing because the moment when Hoshido and Nohr came together was so much more significant once you realized just what would happen if they never came to peaceful teams.

Fire Emblem: Echos Shadows of Valentia

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The full voice acting in this game really set it apart from the other 3DS Fire Emblem games.  I can recall the quirks and personalities of almost every character in the game because so many characters had time to shine if only for a moment and that moment was enough to solidify who they were to me and made them memorable.  The story itself was nothing to brag about but it’s execution was beautiful.  I felt a sense of dread once Alm realized Rudolf, the man he has been fighting this whole time, was his father and I found myself eagerly waiting for the moment when Alm and Celica could fight side by side. I really hope we see future Fire Emblem games re made like this.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

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This game is so true to it’s name.  It was a real awakening for the series as this game prevented this amazing series from ending.  The game had it all.  The characters were all really well done and all of them had very unique personalities.  There were so many throw backs to previous games, the DLC had other memorable characters  to play as.  The story was nothing unique but it had a lot of unique elements to it such as time travel and parallel worlds.  Each moment that needed to be powerful in this story was able to hit you with a tremendous amount of feels.  The part where Emmeryn sacrificed herself to protect her family and her kingdom was so powerful that I found myself closing my 3DS and just taking a break to process that.  I loved this game and I appreciate what this game has done for the series because without it, my favorite series would’ve ended a long time ago.



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