Seven Blazing Fire Emblem Facts

Fire Emblem Awakening Emblem

Due to Fire Emblem’s recent popularity many fans are aware of Fire Emblem Awakeningand many of the secrets and hidden gems it has to offer; however, Fire Emblem has an incredible amount of lore spanning the multiple games released worldwide and the many more released only in Japan. We’re going to go through a few interesting facts about the history of Fire Emblem as well as some of the unique traits in the Fire Emblemgames.

One of the Fire Emblem Lords was playable before his game came out.

1. Roy’s first appearance was not in a Fire Emblem game. Instead he started off as a playable character in Super Smash Brothers Melee which was released four months before his Fire Emblem game came out. Unfortunately for Fire Emblem fans this was a game released only in Japan but hopefully we’ll get a 3DS Virtual console release someday. Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates was playable in Super Smash Brothers Wii U/3DS before his game was released to the states; however, Fates was released in Japan before Corrin was added to the Super Smash Brother’s roster.

A very specific series of events led to Fire Emblem’sworldwide release.

2. Marth and Roy were initially intended to only be in the Japanese version of Super Smash Brothers Melee; however, when Nintendo of America ran test trials of the games the examiners really enjoyed playing these characters and left them in the game. Players enjoyed these characters so much that Intelligent Systems released Fire Emblemworldwide.

A party member might turn mid battle.

3. Jill Fizzart in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is the only character who can turn on your party in the middle of combat. In Chapter 20 of the game you go up against her father and if he talks to her during the game she might turn on your party. This is avoidable if she has an A support with Mist or you just keep her away from her father. On a side note Jill is also one of the few characters in Fire Emblem to have a last name.

Only one Fire Emblem game stands alone.

4. Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones is the only Fire Emblem game, including the Japan only games, without a connection to any other game in the series. Every other game has either a prequel/sequel or a side story that takes place in the same world. Fire Emblem Fates has the most debatable connection to Awakening because it’s not clear from the story when the events take place; however, the games are clearly in the same timeline somehow.

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawnfeature the trickiest character to recruit.

Stefan is the man speaking on the bottom
Stefan is the man speaking on the bottom

5. Stefan from both Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn can only be recruited when you move specific characters to a specific space. While all other recruit able characters are visible on the map, Stefan will only appear when you move a character onto his respective space and even then will only join your party if it’s a specific character. Stefan is the most difficult character to recruit without the use of online media sources to explain the details.

Fire Emblem Awakening actually has three Fire Emblems.

6. Fire Emblem Awakening features the same Fire Emblem used by Marth in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon; however, since the game features Priam who claims to be a descendent of Ike, then the respective Fire Emblem from Ike’s timeline must also exist in Fire Emblem Awakening’s history. Ike comes from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawnand in those games the Fire Emblem seals away a dark god which later is released and that Fire Emblem becomes an ordinary charm, so it’s not a Fire Emblem during the timeAwakening takes place but had to exist at the same timeline as the one Marth and Chrom used.

Then you have Fire Emblem Fates; that game’s Fire Emblem appears when the sword Yato reaches full power. Since Owain, Inigo and Severa from Fire Emblem Awakening were transported to another time, not another world, Fire Emblem Fates must also be within the same timeline as Awakening and therefore the Yato must also exist somewhere inAwakening’s timeline.

Fire Emblem is an Anime.

7. Japan released an anime of Fire Emblem based off of the events of Marth in his respective games; however, the anime only contained two episodes. The anime was also released in English years before a Fire Emblem game came to the states making it the first time Fire Emblem content was released to a western audience. Another fun fact is that the voice actor who played Navarre in the Japan release of the anime also voiced Navarre in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

There are a lot of unique things in the Fire Emblem games that you can experience and the information listed here is just a small part of what Fire Emblem has to offer. The series has a lot of elements that intertwine with each other while having elements that give each game its individuality. While Awakening is the game that is most familiar to the worldwide audience; the other Fire Emblem media have a lot to offer so I recommend purchasing more Fire Emblem content and experiencing some of these points yourself, except Jill betraying your party because that usually doesn’t end well.

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