New York Comic Con 2018 Review: Pictures Cannot Capture How Massive This Is

This year I went for one day to New York Comic Con.  For the most part this trip was for my fiance to see one of her favorite authors and meet some of her favorites actors; however, I managed to find plenty to keep myself busy as well.  This is my second convention in New York and this event marked the first time I went to two different conventions in the same building.


Guests were amazing.  There’s no denying that this event really knows how to bring the guests that earn it’s massive hype.  Critical role, multiple doctors from Doctor Who, the main cast of Boy Meets World and so many more.  Then there were people at the event for booths such as the producers for games like Megaman and Street Fighter.  The only downside is due to the size of the events autographs can be a bit tough but otherwise the guest list is amazing.


I didn’t have much to do with panels this year but I saw some of the events listed that were amazing such as the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who and several panels on highly anticipated shows like Titans and Mortal Engines.  The main reason I didn’t do much with panels was simply this, I didn’t want to deal with the lines.  I guess from the previous cons I did this year I got a little burnt out on lines and it hit me at this event.  I saw how massive lines were and just said, no thanks.  The panels are great but going to a few panels requires luck in a lottery system for admission or lots of patience waiting in line.  Since my luck is not something to rely on, for all of the panels I have to ask myself is it worth the wait and this time I just did not feel up to it.


Sensory overload at its finest.  So many vendors and so many wonderful things.  I didn’t buy anything at this event because I packed light and did not have a lot of space; however, I did get some free stuff that was nice such as a beautiful poster for the upcoming DragonBall Super movie. Other items included some amazing watches that were Marvel themed and just an incredible variety.  I honestly felt like if you looked hard enough you could find just about anything at this event, other than great spending habits.

Overall this event is overwhelming but in a good way.  My only problem is the fact that it requires an incredible amount of stamina to fully enjoy this event and for unexplained reasons I just didn’t have it.  I plan to go back to this event and I for sure plan to go for the full event but I will make sure to not have other events scheduled close to this one.  I want to make sure I’m up for the task of going non stop for the full event and give an even better review next time.

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