Why I Am Waiting to Return to Anime NYC

So I spent a good long while considering going back to Anime NYC this year, 2018.  Even though my experience last year was one of the worst con experiences I’ve ever had I strongly feel this event has so much potential.  Ultimately though I made the decision to let this event pass me by, at least for this year.

One of the reasons I was even considering going back is the fact that it was still an amazing event, as you can see here.  The only real issue was the fact that the staff failed to communicate key details about how the guests were appearing at the event.  Everything else was near flawless in my opinion. The problem is the key thing I’m looking for when going to conventions is people that can enhance my growing autograph collection and I just happen to have additional enjoyment with how well everything else is executed.  The fact that Anime NYC had such a huge problem with that last year makes me reluctant to put my faith in them so suddenly, mainly because of the expenses required for me to go to it.

I’m looking at possibly going back to this event in 2019 and holding off on going this year so I can see if some of the problems from year 1 have been resolved.  I’ve got a friend of mine who’s attending and luckily he can tell me right away if the convention will be worth another attempt or not.  I strongly feel like once the convention gets a rhythm to handling such a huge event, they could be the next Anime Expo.  I really hope this happens because I went to the one in Los Angeles and while it’s a lot of fun, a flight to New York is much cheaper for me than a flight to Los Angeles. Plus the weather was over 100 degrees in Los Angeles and I much prefer weather in the double digits.

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