Pokemon Sword Review

I can’t recall Pokemon ever having a main series game that was so divisive amongst fans; however, Pokemon Sword/Shield has managed to have the whole fan base proclaiming strong feels for and against the decisions made in this game.  Ultimately the main gameplay stayed the same, but they added a few unique features in hopes […]

Detective Pikachu Review: A Joyful Experience

Usually, when a video game transitions to the big screen, the transition results into some sort of abomination that somewhat sounds like the video games we have come to love.  So naturally, I was very concerned about how well this movie was going to turn out.  Luckily this movie was every bit the Pokemon experience […]

Convention Ranking 2018

So just like last year I decided to make a list ranking all of the conventions I went to this year. 10. Akaicon It was an easy choice to put this convention on the bottom of my list.  There just wasn’t much to this convention.  I tried panels, I looked for guest events and really […]

Pokeball Plus review

So here is a brief review of the new Switch controller the Poke Ball Plus.  The idea behind this device is to simulate how it feels to actually throw a Pokeball to catch Pokemon in either Pokemon Lets Go Eevee or Lets Go Pikachu. The controller was smaller than I originally expected but it worked […]

Ys Viii Lacrimosa of Dana review

I honestly never even heard of this game when it was out for PS4 but when it came out for the Switch I saw advertisements galore for this game.  I’ve never played any of the games in the series so I went into this completely blind as to what I was expecting, but it was […]