Lexington Comic and Toy Con 2023 Review: The Schedule Had a Hiccup but Overall Another Fun Time.

Another year goes by and once again I find myself attending Lexington Comic and Toy Con. This year they kept to the same formula that I personally think works perfectly that they’ve used in their 2021 and 2022 events. I’ve attended this con so many times I’m pretty sure this is my sixth time here. This event has always been old faithful to me as it’s one of the first few events I’ve ever attended and it’s by far the event I’ve attended the most. I’ve had a blast almost every time I’ve been here. So naturally, my expectations for this event are rather high and it raises the big question as to whether or not it can continue to meet those expectations. Thankfully this was another wonderful experience for me and I can’t wait to talk about it.

So starting with guests Lexington featured the variety of guests that to me has become one of its defining features. It had plenty of wrestlers, Powerr Rangers, all the leads from Blues Clues and anime voice actors from My Hero Academia, Naruto, and a few from Death Note which was a bit of a surprise for me. The layout for the autographing area was the same as the last two years and it’s one of those systems that really makes things easy for the fans so keeping it the same was the best option. Guests are easy to find and I rarely had any issues getting around. Another thing I like about this event is the fact that the guests typically sign for most of the day so it’s not that stressful to plan your day to be able to do stuff like panels and shopping while still having time to get autographs from anyone you want. Now they did have some issues with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes but that was because their flight was cancelled and the rebooked schedule forced the event to move all of their Saturday events to Sunday. I’m sure this was frustrating especially for fans who might not be attending Sunday but sadly these things do happen and it’s not the convention’s fault at all. The fact they were able to make a last-minute solution to get them to the event at all was impressive.

Panels were also really fun this year and like the last two years, the conventions system of having separate floors for everything in rooms very close to the escalators made it such a quick and easy process to get to them. I went to the anime voice actors panel and the Blues Clues panel both of which were a ton of fun but I have a few things to say about the Blues Clues panel. The first was that it started considerably late, maybe 15 minutes of the 45-minute panel, This was due to the photo ops with the actors running late, which is understandable as it’s the first time all three actors who played the host of Blues Clues were at a convention at the same time, but it’s also the result of poor planning and this could have been prevented. Another thing that happened, which was not a problem just weird, the lights were turned off for a couple of seconds mid-panel. I have no idea what happened and luckily it was only a quick distraction and made for a funny story. I just can’t help but be a little frustrated that we lost out on quite a bit of panel time for what was a pretty big event for anyone attending that loved Blues Clues.

The vendors were great too and it had a lot of the same highlights from the last two years. Plus it had some cool new editions like some replicas of creatures from movies and TV shows. For example, my wife and I got a photo of us riding a replica of Appa the flying bison from Avatar the Last Airbender which was a lot of fun. It was actually really high up so that was a bit shocking. Now space was a bit of an issue at times this year. It was never so crowded that we had a difficult time getting from place to place; however, there was more of a crowd this year than last year so there were moments where foot traffic got congested and it make things

Overall I don’t have much to say as Lexington Comic and Toy Con has found a formula that just works and they kept to it. They found a nice guest variety, amount of space, and placing everything to where it’s easy to go from one part of the convention to another. It’s clearly designed for a fan to easily access anything they want to do. This year they did suffer some hiccups the worst of which they could not have done anything about but I do hope they keep what happened in the Blues Clues panel in mind when they have photo ops and panels close together. It’s doable but when you have a panel that features the reunion of actors for the first time at a convention it’s going to be a big event and fans don’t want to lose any of the time at that panel waiting on the actors to show up. Plus it was a little more crowded this year so I hope that’s not a growing trend because right now it’s still easy to walk around in but if the crowd continues to grow then the quick and easy formula they have won’t be nearly as ideal.

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