Five Questions I Have About Wave 4 of the Fire Emblem Engage DLC

So we got a very nice trailer regarding the final wave of the DLC for Fire Emblem: Engage which makes it clear that for some reason our party will be traveling to some kind of an alternate reality. A reality that uses Emblem bracelets rather than rings and has alternate counterparts to the characters we’ve seen so far. We’ve already seen how the Four Hounds of our world are heroes called the Four Winds and we see antagonistic versions of beloved characters like Celine, Alfred, and Alcryst. Even though the trailer wasn’t long it provided enough details to raise some questions for me going into this. Note for those who haven’t finished the main story of Engage there will be some spoilers. Also, note I haven’t actively looked for informationn on the DLC because I’m avoiding spoilers so I haven’t seen anything outside of the trailer.

Where does everyone’s allegiances lie?

So we already know that we’re going up against evil counterparts of our favorite characters but unlike in our world, I don’t think they are all on the same side. The reason I suspect this is when we see the trailer pan to a battle with a Solmic soldier the health bar is yellow, not red. This is a tactic used by Fire Emblem to denote a third-party combatant that is an enemy of yours but also an enemy of your enemy. This makes me think that while Alear was able to bring the leaders of all the nations together in our world he/she likely failed to do this in theirs which will add an extra element of strategy needed for the maps.

Will this version of Mauvier betray us?

Now I think there is a good chance we’ll be the ones betrayed by this new version of Mauvier in the DLC. The main reason I suggest this is due to the fact that out of the Four Winds Mauvier has the same exact name as his Four Hounds counterpart. Plus I can’t imagine how the game would balance having a party of two of the same characters with the same name from two different realities it seems like having Mauvier turn traitor would be an interesting story element to introduce that perfectly fits the character, regardless of the world he’s from.

Will Our Version of Veyle recognize the new Fell Dragons?

They may be new characters to us but remember how the story stated numerous times that Alear and Veyle had other siblings other than each other that were killed prior to the events of the game. The logical answer is that Nel and Nil are alternate versions of two of those siblings and if that is the case how will Veyle react to seeing these characters?

How can the corrupted Emblems talk?

In the main story of Engage it was made very clear that Emblems summoned using the powers of the Fell Dragons not only turned a shade of red rather than blue but also had no ability to express themselves. However, in the trailer we see Emblem Tiki take on a corrupted form and was still able to communicate.

Who is the final boss?

So it makes sense that Sombrom would likely not be the final boss of the DLC. That seems kind of lame that they would make an alternate reality where everyone acts differently and keep the same endgame boss; however, while the Fell Dragons are the heroes here it’s clear there’s at least one Fell Dragon that we’ll have to go up against. As discussed earlier when Emblems are summoned by Fell Dragon power they are red and usually emotionless. We see our party go up against an alternate version of Folgado who clearly has a corrupted Emblem Veronica on his side which makes me wonder who summoned her.

I’m sure there are dozens of questions we can ask and I’m sure a lot of you have thought of them so if you have any questions or theories about the DLC please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear them.

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