Five Anime Characters with the Most Adaptable Abilities

So in the vast world of anime you see powers of all kinds and whether those powers are unique or common it’s always interesting to see how each power is used. While some powers make it very clear how those abilities can be used others are rather ambiguous and have so many applications that it […]

Top Five Anime Intellectuals

In anime, we often get involved with all of the high paced and intense fight scenes; however, we also get battles of wit that can leave an audience breathless.  These characters can use their minds to see so far ahead in a situation that they seemingly win the battle before it ever begins. 5. Izuku […]

Five Greatest Anime Spheres

It’s March 14th and commonly known as Pi day because the number pi is 3.14 et al.  Because Pi is such a commonly used number for circles I decided to combine pi day with anime and do a list of anime’s greatest spheres. 5. Mod Soul Kon In Bleach there are artificial souls called Mod […]

Deathnote the Live Action Movie Review

I had some spare time and was going through Netflix and decided to watch the Deathnote live action movie.  Now I knew going in that the movie had some really horrible criticism and I was wondering if it really was as bad as people say.  Good news, it wasn’t, bad news it was worse. Deathnote […]

Light’s Greatest Mistakes in Death Note

Light Yagami is one of the most intelligent protagonists in the history of anime and he has managed to do what few characters have done, do the most absolute vile actions and managed to still be adored by fans everywhere; however, Light’s full proof plan had very few but very huge flaws which ultimately led […]