Five Anime Characters with the Most Adaptable Abilities

So in the vast world of anime you see powers of all kinds and whether those powers are unique or common it’s always interesting to see how each power is used. While some powers make it very clear how those abilities can be used others are rather ambiguous and have so many applications that it allows the user to make that power adapt to a wide variety of situations. With that I felt it was time I discussed some of those incredible abilities. Note: There will be spoilers in this entry.

5. Tsukishima – Bleach

Shukuro Tsukishima - Bleach | イラスト

Tsukishima is a fullbringer that was born with the ability to manifest his powers into an item that he is connected to. In his case it’s in his bookmark to signify his love of reading. Now his power is a rather terrifying one as the bookmark will morph into a sword and he can affect anyone he cuts with it. With each cut he can either insert or remove himself from the history of the person he cuts. Which means in one blow he can make himself the most important person in your life which means that for most people one cut will automatically end the battle. Furthermore he gains the memories of what happened when he inserted himself which enables him to learn about his opponent so even if the battle doesn’t end he can learn his enemies abilities with one cut. If that wasn’t dangerous enough this ability doesn’t apply to people but also inanimate objects so he can literally insert himself into the structure of the battlefield and then modify it to have hidden traps that he left behind in the past he has now inserted himself into. It’s almost like he time travels and creates an alternate reality in the span of a single slash of his sword. With that there is no telling what he could do with his powers. One slash and your life or your surroundings could be completely transformed depending on Tsukishima’s will.

4. Momoshiro – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia: Momo Yaoyorozu's Quirk Is Terrible for Hero Work

Momoshiro’s quirk is called Creation and it allows her to create any object that she completely knows the structure of. So through intense studying she has a wide range of items that she can create. The size of the item determines how long it takes for her to make it and she has a limit to how much she can create at one time. However, until she reaches that limit she is a force to be reckoned with as there is not much of a way to predict what she will do with her quirk. With most abilities it’s possible to determine what is the best situation in order to use them to their fullest but with her quirk she can make items that perfectly fit the scenario. If the enemy is invisible she can create heat sensing googles to locate them, if she needs to do recon she can create her own drones, so until she is unable to use her quick there is virtually no situation that she cannot adapt to.

3. Maple – Bofuri

Reflecting on BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense  ⋆ Another Anime Review

Maple is pretty unique on this list as her abilities on their own are not the most adaptable; however, the totality of her abilities makes her a force to be feared. First of all her defense ability allows her to be right in the thick of most situations with minimal risk of injury to herself, with some exceptions. If that wasn’t enough she has a flying turtle that shoots laser beams, she can transform into a mech or a demon for greater firepower and even extend her defensive skills to the rest of her team. Furthermore she has poison immunity and poison attacks which makes her able to change the battlefield to be a poison wasteland and not affect her at all. Overall she has a lot of abilities that make her a powerful being in terms of both offense and defense and abilities that allow her to work well in team battles or in solo situations.

2. Itachi – Naruto

Naruto: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The True Legend Of Itachi

Itachi wields very powerful eyes called the Mangekyou Sharingan. With this ability one look into your eyes and he can lock you in a world of his creation called the Tsukuyomi and within it he can alter the flow of time and create any image he wants and whoever is trapped within it is forced to ensure what Itachi wishes to show or do to them during the time they are within Tsukuyomi. If that wasn’t bad enough he also has the power of Amaterasu which means he can produce black flames that will never go out. So while Amaterasu is powerful it is rather limited in its use when compared to Tsukuyomi which is limited only by what Itachi is capable of coming up with. He also has the ability to use Izanami which can put his enemy into an infinite loop for either eternity or whenever the enemy decides to change the course they have set themselves on which is the only way to break out of the loop. While this ability has many applications it also blinds the eye of the user so in reality Itachi can only use it twice. So while most of Itachi’s abilities are limited his remaining ability is only limited by his imagination. Now I know that Sasuke and Madara have similar abilities and can do more damage because they are more powerful; however, Itachi is smarter and when it comes to abilities that has as many uses as Tsukuyomi it is intellect that makes those abilities work for more situations.

Light Yagami – Deathnote

Death Note: 10 Weird Rules Light Yagami Has To Follow | CBR

Light Yagami is in possession of a book called the Deathnote and with it all he needs is the face and name of a target in order to use the powers of the Deathnote. It’s core ability is that if he writes the name of the person he chooses and knows their face then that person will die, but he also has the option to choose the actions the person will do that lead up to the death as well as how the person dies. So not only can he get rid of an enemy but he can also bend them to his will in their final moments. Now that makes this ability more adaptable than all of the other mind control powers out there? It’s the fact that this power is not limited to his location. He can use this ability on someone on the other side of the globe at anytime as long as he has the face and a name. This power is admittingly more adaptable now than it was when the anime first came out with the surge of social media where people have their faces and names accessible with relative ease. With this power Light was able to completely reform society and impose his rule on the masses. In reality if he wasn’t so arrogant and flaunted his power to get rid of anyone looking into him he likely would have never been caught.

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