Top Five Anime Intellectuals

In anime, we often get involved with all of the high paced and intense fight scenes; however, we also get battles of wit that can leave an audience breathless.  These characters can use their minds to see so far ahead in a situation that they seemingly win the battle before it ever begins.

5. Izuku Midoriya 

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In My Hero Academia, Izuku, is a quirkless individual born into a world full of people with inhuman quirks.  In order to stand out, he has had to use his mind to do amazing things without an ability to make anything easier.  Even when he gets a quirk he still has to use his mind to understand his enemy or obstacle as he masters a quirk that he can barely control.  Izuku may have inherited the powers of the strongest hero, but until he is able to use it to its fullest he must use his wit to make up the difference.  One notable witty action is during a race in a landmine field he used the landmines to create a force to propel himself forward to win the race.

4. Shikamaru Nara

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In Naruto, we have Shikamaru, a lazy but brilliant ninja.  In battle, he knows his power is not that flashy or able to deal a lot of damage; however, he uses his abilities to gain the advantage in a fight.  He has the ability to use his shadow to possess the shadows of his enemies and control their movements.  In order to fully use his powers, he will plan five or six moves ahead so that he can move his enemies to the exact spot he needed them to be.  A notable moment was when he was able to use his shadow to possess his enemy via a hole in the ground; however, while he knew how to beat her, he also knew he did not have the stamina to make his plan happen.  As a result, Shikamaru gave up, knowing how to beat her but knowing that his plan could not be completed.

3. Kisuke Urahara

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Kisuke Urahara from Bleach is well known for his wit.  He founded the research and development team of the Soul Society and made several inventions that have benefitted the soul reapers in so many ways. His wit has made the job of learning powers, purifying souls and training so much easier.  One notable moment is his creation of a move that can seal off the power of a nearly unbeatable villain but was able to use this move without anyone knowing it because he sealed this power in a completely separate attack.

2. Light Yagami

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Light, from Deathnote, had the entire world after him for his killing of several criminals by writing their names in a book called the Deathnote.  In order to lure everyone off his trail, he predicted the investigations of the police and the detectives and then used those predictions to make counter plans. At one point Light was locked up and his memories of his time with the Deathnote were erased; however, beforehand he figured out exactly what he would do without those memories and made a huge scheme that would one day restore his memories and clear all suspicion away from him.

1. Leouch Le Britannia

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Leouch, from Code Geass, has the ability to make a person obey him unquestionably, but his power only works on each person once. Leouch also has to make eye contact with whoever he wishes to use this power on.  In order to conquer the country of Britannia, he has to overcome the weaknesses of his power in order to reach his enemy.  In one instance he is up against a foe that can read his mind from great distances and will know when Leouch is nearby before Leouch can get close enough to look him in the eye.  In order to get close to him Leouch created a video of a one-sided conversation that predicted how the entire conversation would go so that his enemy would think he was talking to a live video; however, this created a distraction needed for Leouch to get close and use his powers to defeat his foe.


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