Eight More Voice Actors that Also Sing

So it turns out that a lot of really talented voice actors also sing. So many that my first list just didn’t seem like enough so I decided to make another one. I find it really incredible how talented these individuals are and for that reason I can’t help but do something to try and recognize that incredible talent. Like the last list I won’t be using pictures mainly because I don’t have any pictures of these actors that I have specific permission to use and I don’t want to just plug a picture here and risk looking disrespectful to them.

Kylen Deporter

Known for Beastars and Fire Emblem: Heroes, Kylen is one of two singers in the band New New Girlfriend. This band has quite a melodic pop sound to them and frankly I really enjoy the beat. I recommend giving their work a listen to and if you like it share it as they are really starting to build an audience for their work. They just recently released a new song called Got Enough which I really recommend listening to.

Edit: I also just found out that the song Got Enough had over 5,000 all time streams and it hasn’t even been out for a month. Clearly I’m not the only one that thought this song was catchy.

Griffin Burns

There’s no way I could mention Kylen Deporter and not mention the other half of New New Girlfriend Griffin Burns. Griffin is known for works such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Demon Slayer. I also recommend giving their band a follow on Twitter for all updates to their music.

Griffin Puatu

You can hear Griffin Puatu in works such as Spider Man: Miles Morales, Fire Emblem: Heroes and Beastars. You can find his music on his Youtube Channel and I got to admit his song Just What You Mean is just a really fun song to listen to that really has a great message behind it. I highly recommend giving his channel a look and especially take a listen to What You Mean because it’s that good.

Gabriel Kunda

Gabriel Kunda can be heard in My Hero Academia and is the voice hyping some of the greatest upcoming movies in several different trailers. Gabriel is also a member of a group called Kings Return Music which performs acapella music and can be found on Youtube. My wife and I listen to Pentatonix, known as one of the greatest acapella groups of all time, we both feel like Kings Return Music could be on par with them with how well their voices mix together to great an incredible harmony. They also sing in hallways.

Megan Shipman

Megan can be heard in My Hero Academia, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Bofuri and many other shows. She also does English and Japanese covers of anime songs which can be found on her Youtube page and she even recently released a CD. She has covered quite a selections of songs from Kingdom Hearts, Sailor Moon and Inuyasha and if you enjoy music from any of these series then I highly recommend staying tune as she does more covers.

Morgan Berry

Morgan Berry is in a ton of stuff such as Rising of the Shield Hero, Fire Emblem: Heroes, My Hero Academia, Yashahie: Princess Half Demon and the list goes on. She also does covers of anime music on her Youtube channel which has music from My Hero Academia, Sword Art, Digimon, Naruto. A selection that frankly matches the wide selection of work she has lent her voiceover talents to.

Erica Lindbeck

Erica Lindbeck can be heard in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Fate Apocrypha, Seven Deadly Sins and more. I mentioned Mela Lee in my last list and on the Youtube channel LindBeck and Lee both of them do covers of several songs from Brittany Spears to System of a Down so it’s quite a range and all well done and remixed with their own flair so they sound very different than the original songs.

Kayli Mills

Kayli Mills can be heard in Sword Art Alicization, Fire Emblem: Heroes and Re: Zero. She also does covers of anime songs on her Youtube channel and has quite a selection of covers already available that I recommend giving a listen to. If you enjoy her work she also has a Ko-fi page where you can donate and help fund her work so that she’s able to produce even more music.

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