Another Five Voice Actors that Sing/Perform Music

Voice acting and music seem to go hand in hand for many voice actors and there’s enough that it justifies a third list to show the work of some of these incredibly talented people. Now if you’re curious about the full list you can find part one here and part two here.

Austin Lee Matthews

Austin is best known for his work as Roche in the remake of Final Fantasy Seven but can also be heard in Fire Emblem: Heroes and Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise. You can find all of his work on his bandcamp site and a lot of it is royalty free so if you need some music for any projects you’re working on there’s plenty to choose from as long as you make sure to give him credit if you use it. The best way to describe his music is that it varies. The style he uses really gives it a video game soundtrack feel; however, the songs feel like they fit a wide variety of video games. I’ve heard some of his work that I think would work well for a Megaman style game and others that might be more suited for Xenoblade Chronicles. Now some of you may know that I hold the music in Xenoblade Chronicles in high regard so when I say that his music can fit well into the series I mean that as an incredible compliment. He also produces a radio play called Megaton Girl which is a very interesting show that you can check out right here if you’re interested.

Jason Frazier

Jason is known for his work as Erk in Fire Emblem: Heroes and I’ve had the pleasure of talking to him quite a bit in the last few months and celebrating his work in the game. He also performs quite a bit of music on his Youtube page and there you can find several covers of songs from the movie Aladdin and if you’ve heard some of the music you can tell that performing these songs takes an incredible amount of talent. I highly recommend listening to his work.

Sarah Blandy

Sarah is best known for her work in Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem: Heroes and she actually just recently released an original song called Cosplay which you can find on her Youtube channel. I just hope we will see more music from her soon because this song is really catchy. Also with conventions being few and far between right now due to the pandemic I seriously start to miss these events every time I listen to it, but hopefully things will continue to improve and we not only see conventions back in full but also get to hear Cosplay out on the convention floor because it really makes for a great con song.

Joe Zieja

Joe is best known for his work on Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fate Apocrypha. I don’t know how often Joe sings but given the one song I’ve heard him perform it’s clear he has a talent for it. The youtuber FamilyJules performed a metal version of the song God Shattering Star from Fire Emblem: Three Houses which is easily one of the most intense songs I’ve heard in the Fire Emblem series and Joe performs the vocals in the video. I’m not an expert on music but even I can tell the level of talent needed to bellow out the powerful notes that are all over this song. It really makes me wonder if we’re going to see more from Joe or not because it would be really cool to see what other songs he’s interested in covering.

Stephanie Southerland

Stephanie is best known for her work in Fire Emblem: Heroes and Genshin Impact. What you may not know is that Stephanie also has a background in musical theater and has a section on her website that covers demos of her singing for potential voiceover/acting work. It’s clear she has the experience and the talent to really bring any song to life and I recommend giving her singing a listen to if you’re ever on her web page.

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