Epsilon Zero Music Review

So this is a first but today I’m going to do a music review. Jamison Boaz is a talented musical artist that performs under the name Epsilon Zero and I’m actually quite a big fan of his work. On a side note, it was the fact that Jamison is a talented musician and voice actor that motivated me to start my voice actors who are also singers series on my blog and I do plan to make a third entry for that.

So it’s hard to really fit Epsilon Zero into a particular genre of music because the music he produces varies significantly from song to song. You could listen to one song and think that it falls into a bit of a techno theme where as the next one might sound more metal and for me I think his music really incorporates a lot of elements of both of those genres. This is one of the things I really enjoy most about his music because the content he produces becomes unique and unpredictable from one song to the next. With Epsilon Zero the tempo, musical arrangements and vocals can vary widely from song to song.

Now the big question to really answer is why do I really like his music? It’s not enough to just say that each song is unique and this is where I am honestly struggling to find the words for, largely due to my inexperience writing music reviews. If I was to really explain why I like his work then I would say that it’s due to how his range of work is not only pleasing to hear but the variety invokes different emotional responses from me as I listen to it. For example his song The Last Time has a beat that’s a fast tempo and the lyrics give the song a mysterious edge to it that honestly puts me in the mood to dance a bit, also surprise I do enjoy dancing quite a bit. When I listen to Requiem there’s something about the song I find hypnotic because when it gets to the chorus there’s just something about it that makes me stop and just focus entirely on the song and enjoy the experience. Then you have Solar Flare that really embraces heavy metal elements and it really makes me want to just bang my head to the music and makes me miss the long hair I had back in my college days that would be perfect for this song. These are honestly just three of the many songs he produces and each one of them is an experience.

The songs are also very open-ended so it’s really left up to the listener to interpret how the song means to them and that’s another thing I like about his music. With Epsilon Zero you get to really take the lyrics and sort of play with them a bit and find your own way of getting attached to the song. There were some songs that he made that I found perfect for the D&D campaign that I am the Dungeon Master for which did a perfect job setting the mood to the situations I put my party through. (They also really enjoyed his music).

So style-wise I think his music really does lean around the techno and metal vibes and honestly, if you’re a fan of either or both of those genres then I highly recommend giving him a listen. All of his songs are very unique so even if you find a song that isn’t quite your thing it doesn’t mean Epsilon Zero isn’t for you it just means you need to listen to another song and find the one that’s perfect for you. The songs don’t present a particular meaning and leave it up to the listeners to insert their own experiences and feelings into the music to create a connection between them and the music which made for songs that I personally really connected with in my own unique way.

If you’re interested in giving his work a listen you can find his music on Spotify as well as YouTube. You can also follow Epsilon Zero himself on Twitter and I highly recommend doing so as he posts his new work on Twitter which makes for easy access to any updates he has on his work.

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  1. […] So I am really excited for this episode because I got to sit down and talk with a really awesome singer/voice actor Jamison Boaz AKA EpsilonZero and lost all track of time as we talk about music, video games, streaming, and a lot of fun stories. Listening to the whole episode again really gave me a laugh because I’m clearly nervous at the start of the episode and forget to even say the podcast name and draw a blank on a song title for a song I listened to dozens of times. If you want to get my full thoughts on his music you can read all about them in my review. […]


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