More XPodcast Episode 8: A Fun Conversation with Jamison Boaz

So I am really excited for this episode because I got to sit down and talk with a really awesome singer/voice actor Jamison Boaz AKA EpsilonZero and lost all track of time as we talk about music, video games, streaming, and a lot of fun stories. Listening to the whole episode again really gave me a laugh because I’m clearly nervous at the start of the episode and forget to even say the podcast name and draw a blank on a song title for a song I listened to dozens of times. If you want to get my full thoughts on his music you can read all about them in my review.

If you want to follow Jamison and listen to all his awesome stuff here are some helpful links.

Jamison Boaz/EpsilonZero Twitter

You can listen to all of the music of EpsilonZero here on bandcamp.

RezoDrone Twitter

Banner by @dragonhustled on Twitter

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