More XPodcast Episode 1: Conventions How We Miss Them.

So after some work, I managed to start up a podcast and in the first episode, I’m joined by a friend of mine Jordan Jones and together we discuss conventions. How conventions could be affected in a post covid situation. Conventions that we love, conventions we are excited for, and how virtual cons have been a great substitute for these events as we wait for them to return. Note: Sorry for slipping over my words a lot I was very nervous haha. We had some hiccups with the internet connection that come into play every now and then but nothing too serious and will hopefully be much better in future episodes, my internet was at its worst when we recorded this.

I am really excited to do more of these in the future and I want to think Colorworld, Anime Impulse, Anime Expo, Matsuricon and AVOX for being great talking points for this episode.

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