Is It Wrong To Try and Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon Season Two Review: Stronger Start, Weaker Finish

After watching season one of Is It Wrong To Try and Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon I became hooked and had to continue watching the series. It was interesting to see how season two was significantly different from season one and I can’t wait to dive into it. To recap the show is about Bell Cranel and his goddess Hestia as they form what is called the Hestia familia, the name for a group that establishes a family like bond with a god or goddess. Bell fell in love with someone who saved his life in a dungeon and seeks to get stronger to impress her; however, in the process meets incredible adversity and gains a lot of notoriety for overcoming them.

In season one the focus was all on establishing who Bell and Hesita were as well as the rest of the supporting cast. The season set up their aspirations as well as their struggles and we really got to see a lot of who they were; however, now that we know this information season two had to do something with these characters. Right away the Hestia familia gets into trouble with the Apollo familia and we start to see how they handle a new kind of struggle. In this case the solution was to expand the Hesita family and many members of the supporting cast finally all come together under one familia which was nice to see. It really seemed like the natural progression for these characters that really established a bond with each other. Plus it featured some of the best actions scenes to date for the entire series so it was a lot of fun to watch.

Right after the issues with one familia our protagonists get into a heated feud with the Ishtar familia but luckily the feuds are both very different and each offer a very unique experience in the show. In this one there were fewer fights but there was a lot more story involved with each one and this one had a lot more character development with Bell himself. In both feuds we get to watch Bell as he rises from the sole member of the Hestia familia to its leader and coming to terms with the weight each of his decisions has as leader. So we get more character development on his end but not as much as there was in season one where he initially established his resolve to keep fighting.

Also without going into much detail we do get another new supporting character that eventually joins the Hestia familia and we do get to see quite a bit of this character’s back story. The problem is we don’t get to see much of this character as she stays in the background of most of the scenes that she’s in so I hope for season three we get to see more of her personality. As for the rest of the supporting cast they offered amazing banter throughout the season but the star of the supporting cast was Lilli who got a lot of character development as she overcame great adversity this season and it was incredible to watch. The rest of the supporting cast was great and had some character development but out of the entire supporting cast Lilli really stole the spotlight and ran with it with emotionally intense scenes and watching her overcome powerful struggles.

The season ends with a couple of episodes that are clearly meant to show character development between Bell and Hestia. This is in my opinion the one and only weakness of this season. Season one ends on a high note where Bell uses his powers to take down a huge monster much to the amazement of everyone. Season two ends in what is supposed to be a reconciliation between Bell and Hestia and further development of the bond that they have. The problem is that while the reconciliation was awesome it really didn’t feel like their bond developed at all but rather went back to what it was prior to what they needed to reconcile over. For that reason the season two ending was very forgettable for me.

Overall the conflicts between the Hestia familia and the two familias features in season two were both very unique experiences that really fleshed out Bell’s development as a leader. The conflicts themselves were entertaining to watch and it brought a very much anticipated union between Bell and the supporting cast. Because season two goes right into the action it has a stronger start than season one; however, because season one ended with a lot of action and season two ended on a lackluster bonding between characters it’s clear season one had the superior conclusion. Overall another great season and I’m excited for season three.

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