Convention Stories: How a Convention Ended With The Police, Trespassing and Lucille.

So this was after C2E2 2018 and oddly enough nothing too crazy or extravagant, other than meeting amazing people, happened during the entire trip. We are about two miles from home at this point and my wife notes that so far nothing odd has happened, to which I agreed. (Big mistake)

So when we get home around 2 am I’m distracted by the three cop cars in my yard. To note how shocking this is I live in the middle of nowhere with hardly any houses nearby and it’s in a small town so anywhere with more than one cop car usually means someone has either broken some serious laws or is severely injured. I pull into the driveway and get out. A cop immediately goes “what are you doing here!” in a pretty intense but not confrontational manner. I am confused but responded “I live here, what are you doing here?” To which the cop points down the road and says “we’re looking for the guy that did that.” Now that I am no longer distracted by all the cop car lights I noticed just shortly past my house a truck wrecked and was in seriously bad shape. The entire truck bed was ripped off, the front was smashed into nearby rocks and all the contents of the truck and various truck parts were scattered on the road.

I’m very perplexed by this point but explain to the cops that I was out for the weekend and just got home so I have no idea what happened. Then the story gets interesting. I go to my front door and notice it’s ajar. Now at any hour in the day that I’m normally awake I would have been smart enough to request the services of one of the nearby police officers to see if this had anything to do with the truck owner. Nope, 2am me is not that bright and I’m only smart enough to realize that my wife shouldn’t be inside the house unless it’s clearly safe. While I don’t make the best decisions when half asleep nothing stops me from looking out for my wife’s wellbeing. I get in the house and immediately check my office near the door, nobody is there so I grab the only blunt object I had in there which was a replica of Lucille from the walking dead (all plastic). So I’m walking around my house checking to see if this mysterious driver was there and luckily he wasn’t. Honestly awake me knows how stupid this was but at the time I was distracted and exhausted so I was far from my best.

Now there’s actually even more to this story if you can believe it. My Dad runs a business at his house and lives next door so for his security, and by proxy mine, he has a lot of cameras up. One of the cameras caught most of what happened. My brother in law was supposed to watch the house till late that evening and he left before we got back (which we already planned for); however, he failed to lock the door on his way out. After the wreck (which was not caught on camera) the driver walked in my home and the sight of this terrified me. He opens the door but a few seconds later starts running away franticly. Now I have no cameras inside my house so at this point I’m trying to figure out what happened and I think I have an answer. My door opens inward and it blocks the view left of the person opening the door. My dog is out of sight from the person at the door and would have started barking (she barks until she sees a face and then wants to be petted). We figured that the person heard the barking and took off in a hurry. We are really glad he never got to see our terrifying miniature yorkie who honestly makes a six inch sub from subway look intimidating. Of course our dog got the best treats we can give her for that.

That’s about it for the story just one more thing to note that is kind of humorous. My brother in law was also lucky that the dog scared the guy off because he left his wallet on the floor with most of his money and all his personal information on it. Needless to say he has never watched the house since. We also never jinx our trips by saying nothing crazy happened ever again.

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