Top Five New Characters from Fire Emblem Heroes

One of the greatest things bout Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile devices is the fact that it brings together characters from all Fire Emblem games in a massive Fire Emblem crossover. However, with that being said the game includes some amazing original characters that are not only captivating but very unique.  Now there will be […]

Mario Kart Tour Beta Review

It’s certainly an interesting time when we see Nintendo create app versions of some of their amazing games.  The newest Nintendo franchise to make its way to android and apple devices is Mario Kart and recently Nintendo opened up a closed Beta.  Luckily I was able to snag a download of the beta and I […]

The Future of Pokemon Go?

               There is no denying that Pokémon Go has become one of if not the biggest app in society and it hasn’t even been out a month yet. We’ve seen Pokémon go be used for children in hospitals, cause car wrecks, led to the finding of multiple dead bodies, […]