My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission Review: Sometimes You Just Need A Little Soul

My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission Release Soon in the USA! - Pigeon  Week

So recently My Hero Academia released their third movie and I just had to see it. For this film, Deku and the others must stop an organization named Humerize who plans to rid the world of all who bear a quirk. All of this is to prevent that is theorized in the Quick Doomsday Theory where quirks will evolve to a point where they cannot be controlled which means that this organization plans to wipe out about 80% of all human life. As Deku tries to understand more about what’s going on he attempts to stop a robbery which introduces him to Rody Soul a person of questionable characteristics and the two of them are forced to work together as Deku is accused of horrific crimes shortly after meeting Rody.

What I like most about the story of this movie is that it makes a very strong deviation from what we’ve seen in the previous two films. The previous films did a great job in their own right and told a story that featured a lot of entertaining action scenes. I felt like for this one the emphasis was more on the story as it really focuses on the moral differences between Deku and Rody. Rody has people to protect in his life but he adamently makes it clear that he doesn’t care about anyone else and will do whatever it takes to protect the few people close to him which is a stark contrast to Deku who protects anyone who needs saving regardless of how much or little he knows them and regardless of what good or harm they have done. The movie really focuses on Deku rubbing off on Rody who is an incredibly well-designed character. He is really entertaining to watch, very agile, intelligent, has a very interesting quirk, and goes through a lot of growth in the movie. By the end of it, I found myself really growing attached to him as he played a crucial part to saving the world. His voice actor Ryan Colt Leavy was actually one of the individuals I noted in a 2020 blog where I discussed a few actors that could find success this year and in this case, I couldn’t be more right. Ryan did an amazing job bringing Rody to life and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Rody becomes a very charming character that just makes you smile watching him and was a perfect inclusion to the world of My Hero Academia.

The action in this movie is some of the best I’ve seen in My Hero Academia which is really saying something. You will wind up seeing jaw-dropping attacks from Totoroki, Bakugo and Deku before the movie ends with Deku unleashing one amazing move that, from my experience, had the entire theatre roaring with excitement. The movie puts the rest of class 1A and 1B as side characters along with various pro heroes but even then they all had a chance to shine in the action scenes as this movie really upped the severity of the situation to require all kinds of heroes.

I thought the villian Flect Turn was one of the best-written villians in all of the My Hero movies. At first, I really found myself wondering why he could be so motivated to wipe out so many people for the sake of a theory, but when you get to explore his back story a bit it actually makes everything abundantly clear. It’s clear that Flect is in the wrong; however, once you understand his motivations it doesn’t seem so odd that someone with his experiences would want to rid the world of quirked individuals. He’s still in the wrong but why he choose the path that he did makes sense given his back story.

Once all of these elements come together you have an unforgettable experience. By the end of the movie, I made numerous ear-to-ear grins from how heartfelt some of the moments were. My wife and I were on the edge of our seats from the suspenseful situations and I personally had to stop myself from just cheering on Deku, which I will do once I buy the movie on blu ray. Now I will say this, while this movie does stand alone and makes for its own self-contained story I feel like to get the full effect of this film you need to be at least be at the My Villian Academia part of season 5 of the show. The movie doesn’t bother to tell you about quirks or how 80% of the population has them nor does it explain how Deku is using Blackwhip. The movie goes with the assumption that you are at the right part of the show to get the full experience of the movie and with all those details some of the scenes do hit harder than they would otherwise.

I think it goes without saying that I highly think you should watch this film. The story puts you on a rollercoaster of emotions that leaves you overjoyed at the end and creates some incredible new characters with captivating stories. It’s easily my favorite of the three movies and I’m already wondering when I have time to watch it again.

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