Seven Voice Actors that Could Find Success in 2021

In acting it is incredibly difficult to reach a status that gets you easily recognized by fans and voice acting is no different. In this industry many factors beyond talent affect their ability to do auditions and receive roles that they work so hard to earn. One of those factors is an online following and while every argument can be made as to why that is unfair and limits the talent that regularly obtain roles, unfortunately that is how many companies operate. So in order to get some additional notoriety to some actors who have done incredible work here is a list of voice actors I feel you need to keep an eye on because I think we will see a lot more of them going forward. This list is in no particular order and pictures are not used because I do not wish to use a picture of any of these individuals without their permission. Some of these people I’ve had the joy of meeting the rest I hope to meet one day.

Jacob Craner

Jacob Craner can be heard in games such as Fire Emblem: Heroes, Genshin Impact and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity where he really shines as the eccentric scientist Robbie. One of the reasons I think we’ll see more of him is the frequency of how he is obtaining roles. He received roles in all three of the aforementioned games just this year and I have a hunch that Robbie will be a playable character in the DLC in Hyrule Warriors. Now this is not backed up by any leaks or news outlets this is just something that I truly believe will happen and once it does I think it will mark the beginning of us seeing a lot more of Jacob Craner.

Jenny Yokobori

Jenny Yokobori I actually got to meet earlier this year and she really is an incredibly nice individual. You can hear her in Fire Emblem: Heroes and recently roles in Akuma Drive and Pokemon. In fact, she’s been announcing so much in 2020 I wouldn’t be surprised to see that she’s in something else by the time I get done with this blog entry. With this huge success in getting multiple anime roles this year, I think that will do well for her next year and we will see even more announcements from her.

Beau Bridgland

I actually wound up meeting Beau just a few minutes after I met Jenny. By then my voice was just gone from talking so much that day so I hope I made a good first impression. Speaking of impressions though Beau Bridgland really made one this year with roles in the games Trials of Mana and Genshin Impact. Beau is really starting to develop a resume in the voice acting field and I think 2021 will be a solid year for him for that reason.

Nicole Gose

Nicole is someone I’ve mentioned previously on my blog because she’s also a really talented singer. You can hear her in the game Fire Emblem: Heroes as well as the animes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Re: Zero. Both of these are really popular and for that reason I think it will really help to not only show off her acting skills and make her name much more well known. As for her video game work she played a major character in book IV of Fire Emblem: Heroes and is one of the new characters to enter the series which also garners a lot of attention. I feel like her natural talent combined with her recent success will be two elements of a great year in 2021. Also, she just recently hit 500 followers so maybe with a little push we can get her to 600 by the end of the month.

Amber Connor

Known for her work in Fire Emblem Echos: Shadows of Valentia, Tales of Berseria and most recently she was announced Phantom Breaker Omnia which features a really incredible cast. While Connor may not have a large number of roles a lot of the roles she has gained have gained a lot of attention, most particularly Laphi in Tales of Berseria which features an incredibly massive amount of dialogue which does a lot to show off her skills. With her ending the year with a game announcement I feel it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing more games with her involved.

Ryan Colt Levy

Ryan is known for his involving in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Genshin Impact. One of the things I really enjoy when I see his Tweets on Twitter is how positive he is. You will constantly see posts complementing his following and encouraging people to have a great day which is a mindset that I think really helps in 2020. With such an incredible outlook he has accumulated an incredible following of over 3600 followers and with any luck we can get him to 3700 by the end of the month. I really think that his demeanor will really help him with success in 2021. As I said before an actor’s following can directly contribute to the success or failure of their auditions and Ryan has an incredibly vocal and positive following that I think will continue to grow and with that will increase his chances of getting a lead role someday.

Stephanie Southerland

Stephanie is known for her contributions to Fire Emblem: Heroes, Genshin Impact and Ninjala. One of the things that I think will really help her find success in 2021 is the fact that she played the main antagonist of Book IV of Fire Emblem: Heroes. The game does a great job of making it easy to find out who voices your favorite characters and Freyja really garnered a lot of attention within the game. By proxy I think that will directly contribute to Stephanie’s continued success in this industry. Combine that with the success of Genshin Impact and you have an actor who is starting 2021 on an extremely high note.

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