Fire Emblem Heroes Characters Perfect For Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers is easily one of the most ambitious crossover titles in the history of video games and a vast majority of the characters come from Nintendo titles. Fire Emblem is a particularly controversial topic in this series as many fans feel they have too much representation in the game; however, the fact is Fire Emblem is now one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises and so it makes sense why they have a larger number of playable characters. The thing is none of those characters are from the mobile game, Fire Emblem: Heroes so I started wondering if they were to add any characters from this game which ones would work perfectly for Smash Brothers. Now for this list I’m only discussing characters that originated from Heroes so this list will have no variations of already existing Fire Emblem characters. For this list I’m also aiming to include one character from each book within the game.


Brave Veronica | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

Book one was one of the most limiting books to pick a new character from. Alfonse and Sharena are sword users and lord characters much like almost the entire roster of Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash brothers. This left Veronica and Bruno as options. When you consider the two of them it actually becomes clear that Veronica is the obvious choice. Fans have wanted to play as her for as long as she’s been in Fire Emblem: Heroes; however, as of right now the only version of her original sprite that is playable is on an entirely different game, Dragolia Lost. She does have an alternate artwork variation playable on Heroes though. I also think it would be interesting if they used a move set that combines both variations of Veronica so the magic that she uses in her original form and the ax that she uses in her Brave Veronica attire. The main reason I suggest this that while she would have a lot of similarities to Robin the ax would help to create a very different playstyle and it would be easy to find different spells to use for her magic attacks as Fire Emblem has a ton to choose from.


Fjorm | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

Fjorn I feel will make for not only a unique Fire Emblem character in the roster but also a unique character in comparison to the entire roster as a whole. She comes from volume two of Fire Emblem: Heroes which introduces characters with Ice and characters with Fire powers. I immediately was able to conclude the Fire characters would not be a great match as so many characters in Super Smash brothers that rely heavily on fire-based moves such as Lucas, Ness, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Roy, and Charizard. However, when looking at the roster it’s clear that Ice doesn’t have near as much representation. Another reason I considered Fjorn is due to her weapon of choice, a lance because for this list I’m actively avoiding sword users since all of the other Fire Emblem characters in Smash Brothers use one. While one of Byleth’s attacks rely on a lance his regular attacks all come from a sword so Fjorn would be a fighter that would rely solely on a lance for her attacks. Both her elemental affinity and her weapon of choice are elements that have little representation in Smash Brothers which would mean her playstyle would differ considerably from the other fighters. Making her a clear choice out of the characters of Volume 2.


Meet some of the Heroes FE Heroes

When it comes to book III it was easily one of the hardest ones to find a good character that fits Super Smash brothers. Sure it has amazing characters but Hel was the only one that used a weapon that is not used by any of the Smash Brothers roster which is a scythe. Plus frankly the Fire Emblem roster is one of few franchises represented in Super Smash brothers that does not include a villain from that franchise, in fact Final Fantasy now has a villain in the game before Fire Emblem. I would like to add that since book III does have a lot of amazing characters I would want her final smash to include Lif and Thrasir somehow.


Plumeria | Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki - GamePress

So while book III had few characters that would make unique choices within Super Smash brothers, book IV is full of them. All of the new characters have a fairy-like form that really has never before been seen in Fire Emblem, so what that means is that they would easily float around the battlefield much like the characters Rosalina and Palutena. While this is not unique to the game it is unique to the Fire Emblem portion of the roster. Plus given that these characters represent aspects of dreams it would be nice to see them also have a sleep-like attack much like Jigglypuff or the final smash of Peach. Overall while I think all of their powers have some sort of representation in the Super Smash Brothers roster, no individual character has all of them. I see these characters being fun for very tactical players that like to plan out combos of attacks. The reason I chose Plumeria specifically was actually simple from what I’ve seen online she appears to be the most popular of the villains of this book and one of the most popular characters of the series. The reason why I didn’t add Freyja was due to her reliance on a transformation. I think given how Zelda and Sheik were separated when Super Smash Brothers came to the DS and how Charizard was part of Pokemon Trainer, then separated to its own fighter then back with Pokemon Trainer again makes it clear that transformations are best avoided in the Smash roster.


nintendo kozaki yuusuke fire emblem fire emblem heroes reginn armor mecha  musume monster girl sword tail | #715458 |

Even though we haven’t seen much of book V it’s clear that Reginn is one of the most unique characters of the entire Fire Emblem roster, perhaps even all of Nintendo. After all she literally goes charging into battle in a mechanized centaur that fires missiles. Also I think it would make for one of the more versatile Fire Emblem characters since her machine has mechanized arms for close range combat, likely high defense due to her armor and would be able to damage from a distance with ranged attacks. Even if I wasn’t considering exclusively Fire Emblem I think Reginn would be a unique and fun character to use.

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