Convention Stories: When Someone Thought I Was Famous For Two Seconds

So this story happened at Anime Expo in 2019 and in order to explain all the context to what happened here I need to explain this story in three parts.

The first part of this story takes place right before the convention began. Due to errors with security I went through the security checkpoint in the line I was supposed to be at and then was told to leave because they thought I was in the wrong spot and they weren’t supposed to be doing security checks at that time. After other staff intervened they realized I was going the right way so I was allowed to wait nearby until the doors for the convention opened and they had permission to start security checks. Security would allow me to bypass the checkpoint since I had the exact same stuff I had on me when I went through it earlier. Which was honestly really nice and a great way to resolve a simple misunderstanding. This is how I met voice actor Jeff Burns who runs the Chillin’ With Voice Actors panel and can be heard in Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Jeff was waiting for the actors that were going to participate in his panel that day but they were bogged down by the line and security was not letting them through. Jeff was trying to get security to listen and know that they weren’t attendees but panelists for an event that was scheduled as soon as they were supposed to start letting people through the security checkpoint. While Jeff was waiting for a resolution to this dilemma he happened to stand not far from where I was instructed to wait, so being the social person that I am I started a conversation with him and we got to talk for a few minutes. Jeff is a really awesome person so if you’re not following him on Twitter I highly recommend doing so. It wasn’t long after that before the actors were allowed to go through security early so they could set up the panel. I was let in soon after that and I had a great time. In fact, you can see my review of Jeff’s panel here.

The second part of the story happens later during the same convention when I was getting one of the now numerous autographs that are on my Fire Emblem: Heroes poster. While I was in line for Joe Zieja’s, known for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, signing he happened to be next to another actor Joe Ochman, who can be heard in Bleach as well as Digimon, who was doing a signing at the same time. Ochman didn’t have anyone in his line at the time and being a fan of his work I went over and got an autograph from him as soon as I finished my signing with Zieja. Since there was nobody waiting I admittingly took a while to leave as I spoke with Ochman for a few minutes. He’s another fun person to talk to and get to know so if you want to see more of his stuff you can follow him here. There was actually a funny part in my encounter with him. While Zieja was signing my Fire Emblem poster Ochman made the remake that he needs to get a role in Fire Emblem. Only for me to find out that he was in Fire Emblem: Three Houses which released three weeks after I met him. Well played Joe Ochman ha ha.

Now that I’ve explained all that the story I’m about to tell will make a lot more sense. I was in line for another voice actor and Joe Ochman was doing a signing at the table next door. Jeff Burns goes over to have a conversation with Joe and he noticed me in the other line and said hello to me by name. This gets Joe Ochman’s attention towards me and he also said hello. Shortly after that the person in front of me turns around with this perplexed look on this face and whispers “who are you?” I didn’t immediately catch on as to why he was surprised so just answered with my name. The person in front motions with his head towards where Jeff and Joe were at and that’s when it hit me. I then explained a very condensed version of the two stories I told you previously and he explained that he thought I was someone in the industry for them both to know me by name. Hated to burst his bubble like that but the fact that they knew me was honestly just luck, but it made for a fun series of stories to tell. I do really hope to get a chance to talk to both Jeff, Joe and even the other attendee who’s name I never got again once conventions are safe to have again.

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