Convention Rankings 2020

Truth be told given the way conventions had to cancel this year due to the pandemic I really debated on whether or not to make this list; however, since I did go to three events this year there was enough there for me to have a ranking for 2020. Plus I honestly really wanted to talk about them because all three events were part of the honeymoon for my wife and I and I felt like it would be a shame to not talk about it. To give a bit of a backstory my wife and I picked three conventions/trips to go on for our honeymoon. One was solely for her, one was solely for me and one was for both of us. For the trips specifically for one of us we invited friends to celebrate our wedding with and four the trip for both of us we did a much longer private trip in comparison to the other two events.

Another note is that I’m not including virtual conventions because while they are very enjoyable I feel like virtual and physical conventions are too different to be able to compare them fairly.

3. Level Up Expo

This convention was the part of the honeymoon that was for both my wife and I, but sadly due to reasons beyond the convention’s control it winds up at the bottom of the list. I went to see a few people and my wife went for the local attractions; however, all three of the people I went to see had to cancel which meant I had no autographs to get. Since the main reason I pick events, especially ones far away from home like this one, is for the talent it was a real bummer for me. Now there was nothing the convention could have done to prevent this which was why it didn’t affect my review; however, when it comes to a list made purely on how much I enjoyed the event it has a huge impact. The rest of the event was a lot of fun and I found the photo scavenger hunt they had to be really enjoyable and innovative. Truth be told I would love to see something like that at a convention nearby because it was a lot of fun, just not enough fun to justify a lot of money on plane tickets. My wife and I still had an amazing time because we decided to spend more time on attractions since we were going to spend less time at the convention and we still had a very memorable experience.

2. C2E2

This event was the convention we did for my wife. There was a lot of people she wanted to see for her My Hero Academia collection that she started late last year and she was really excited to meet these people. C2E2 really does a great job organizing their event and it was clear that steps were taken in order to do that even better this time around. We both wound up with a few more autographs and got to meet awesome people like Stephen Amell from Arrow so it was an enjoyable trip. We also wound up doing some shopping and there’s a couple of fun stories that might wind up on the convention stories part of my blog at a later date.

1. Anime Impulse

So as you can guess this event was all for me and I must admit this is easily one of if not the best convention I’ve ever been to. It’s no secret that a huge motivation for my convention traveling is to improve upon my collection of Fire Emblem autographs and Anime Impulse almost exclusively picked voice actors in the Fire Emblem series as guests. I was literally a kid in a candy store at this con and my excitement got to the point where I wore myself physically, mentally and even strained my voice doing all the stuff that was there. So to put this event in perspective since we only have three on this list, if I had this experience last year it would have easily taken number one then too. Plus since this event is part of another event called the Asian American Expo we got to walk around and try quite a few different foods from some of the hundreds of food vendors and it was really enjoyable.

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