Colorworld Books Virtual Con Experience Review

Given the current pandemic plaguing the world today, our ability to enjoy conventions in person has been taken away because it simply is not safe to have such events at this time.  However, in light of that many companies have designed virtual experiences that allow us to still enjoy the company of the voice actors that we idolize from the safety and comfort of our own homes.

First I’ll talk about their online panels.  The company does a great job of getting multiple people from the same show, such examples include Re Zero, Goblin Slayer, Food Wars, and many more, to do a panel that can be viewed on Youtube and Facebook.  For free you can enjoy an hour-long panel where the host Brad will ask the cast multiple questions and a lot of the questions asked are those you would commonly find at any Q&A session at a con.  The company also officers a second VIP panel that is entirely focused on fan asked questions and is viewed via the Colorworld Books VIP Facebook page which is hyperlinked in case anyone is interested. The VIP panel is only available to those who buy any corresponding item from them, also hyperlinked.

Next, I’ll talk about the personalized items you can get from each voice actor.  Because Colorworld book specializes in metal prints you have a choice of traditional prints you can find at any signing session or for a little more you can get a metal version of the same print.  My wife and I are honestly talking about getting a metal print of the Food Wars cast coming up within the next couple of weeks. I’ll make sure to put a picture of that on my social media pages if we do get it. This makes for a great way to get autographs from these talented individuals even from home.  You can make notes to request specific personalization, choose from various franchises they have available, and various sizes including bookmarks.  I’ve got an autograph from Brad Hawkins the Goblin Slayer coming in the mail at some point and it was super easy to place an order for it.  You can also request audio recordings where you provide a line and you can get it voiced in any role they have done.  I also got one for Goblin Slayer which you can find on my Twitter page here.  While you are at if you can always follow my Twitter because I greatly enjoy talking to people about various fandoms.


Finally, you can also get video hangouts with the guests which range from about five minutes to up to an hour.  I got a 10-minute hang out with the amazing people you see above and honestly time just flys by talking to them.  It’s really amazing to get a chance to talk to these people and not have to worry about a huge line of people behind you or fearing that you are taking too much time.  Instead, a purchase guarantees you a time slot and you get the entire time that you purchased.

About the only two things that Colorworld can’t offer from this experience that you can get at in-person cons is the ability to get photos with the guests and you rarely get the option to get multiple autographs on the same item, which I strive for with my Fire Emblem collection.  Other than that I honestly find virtual experiences from Colorworld Books to be a superior experience in every other aspect that you would find at an in-person convention because those experiences are guaranteed upon purchase and you can get even more time with the people you really want to see. Plus Colorworld does a great job managing those experiences.

Overall this makes for a great substitute for in-person conventions as this pandemic continues.  I will for sure continue traveling and going to live events once traveling becomes a thing again mainly because I still wish to get all the autographs for my Fire Emblem collection and I just love going to all sorts of different places; however, I want these events to stick around too because you just can’t beat the lack of stress that comes with knowing you’ll get what you paid for and you have better options to interact with the actors you admire.  I highly encourage anyone to look into Colorworld for these experiences.

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