Magic City Con 2019 Review: After So Many Cons I Can Still Be Pleasantly Surprized

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So this has to be the most impromptu trip I’ve ever taken.  I was not even planning to go to this con, because I didn’t even hear of it till day one of the con, till my fiance talked me into going Saturday afternoon. So we drove the five-hour drive to catch the convention on Sunday so we can get some autographs from people we were really anxious to see. Because of the lack of planning for this trip, I didn’t have any expectations going into this but wound up getting a great experience.

The guest list is what brought me to this con.  Gideon Emery is someone on my list of Fire Emblem actors that I’ve been hoping to get for a while and with him five hours away it was just too close to resist. The convention also had guests like Booboo Stewart from Twilight, Jason Douglas from Walking Dead and Dragon Ball Super and other guests that encompassed a wide variety of interests. There was a little something for everyone with the list of people they had at this event.

I didn’t go to too many events due to the amount of time we spent at the con, but we did go to a karaoke event and watch comic book guest Ming Chen sing Backstreet Boys which was very enjoyable. There were quite a few fun looking events for this con, if I planned this trip sooner I would’ve for sure gone to more panels.  Everything was easy to access and you didn’t feel rushed to go to anything because there was no real fear of missing out.  I like it when you can line up a few minutes before a panel starts and still get in and enjoy yourself. The event as a whole had a very relaxed feel to it.  It was easy to walk around and talk to people.  I even got roped into a conversation by Dameon Clarke, Cell from Dragonball Z and Togoro from Yu Yu Hakusho, and got to talk to him for a few minutes and it was a great experience.

The vendors were great too.  There was a lot of cool dungeon and dragons related merchandise that caught my eye.  Beautiful artwork and some interesting literary vendors. My fiance actually wound up buying something less than five minutes into the shopping which has never happened at any other convention.

I want to finish up by talking about the staff.  I’ve seen great staff, poor staff, knowledgeable staff, and clueless staff, but this is the first time I really noticed how kind the staff was.  My fiance and I got to this event around 7:00pm Saturday and we decided to go to registration just to see if we can get either a weekend pass or a Sunday pass.  When we get to registration we were informed they just closed for the night, didn’t bother me as I expected as much and we were about to retire to our room for the night. However, we were actually given Saturday passes to enjoy the tabletop games and the aforementioned karaoke event. There wasn’t much left to do con related for the day so the staff wanted to make sure we could still enjoy ourselves after a long drive.  The kindness didn’t stop there.  I asked if Gideon Emery was signing Sunday and explained how excited I was to meet him, I also showed my autograph collection.  The staff actually took the time to check his schedule to tell me when they were taking him to the airport and explain how much time I had to get his autograph the next day.  Not one, but two very nice surprises to end a long day of driving.

Overall this con does a great job at packing a wide variety of things into this event to make it a little bit of something for everyone.  The variety will keep you entertained, but what makes this con amazing is the fact that the staff really wants all of the guests to leave happy.  If you get a chance to go to this event, go to it.  It has a nice calm feel to it that makes it easy to enjoy everything this con has to offer and the staff is nothing short of wonderful. I left this event with the intent to keep an eye on it to possibly come back next year, with a bit more planning involved of course.

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