Bookcon 2019 Review: A Nice Tribute To Literary Fans

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So I’m sure this is a surprise to those who have been longtime readers of my blog, but I went to Book Con in New York last weekend. Now normally this is not an event I go to, but my fiance really enjoys books and I found a nice event for her to go to.  In the process, I decided to write up a review of the event.

The thing I liked most about this event was the organization. It was easy to walk around and everything was easy to get to.  Also for panels, instead of lining up at the door you were led to a nearby room to wait until time to sit at the panel.  It was nice not being in the way of other con-goers while waiting in line. This convention has a large audience but at no point did it feel cumbersome to really do anything at this event, which made going to everything quick and easy and allowed my fiance to do so much in just a single day.  Bravo Bookcon.

The convention filled up the vendor floor with not only all sorts of books but other merchandise from various literary adventures.  It was something that my fiance really wanted me to keep her away from because she wanted to avoid spending too much money haha.  I didn’t find anything for me, but my fiance is an avid book lover and just loved looking at all the merchandise.  It was clearly a great shopping experience for the fanbase this convention is tailored to.

The panels are exactly what you would expect at most conventions where you hear the guests answer various questions about what makes them famous.  What I liked most about the panels is how easy it was to get into the panels and get a good seat.  It’s nice not having to really work hard to enjoy the benefits of this event.

Overall this was a well-executed con.  Since I don’t read a lot of books, it really wasn’t a con for me, but my fiance had a blast and fans of literature can really reap the benefits of how well this con is organized.

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