Momocon 2019 Review: Organization has Improved, Somewhat


I went to Momocon this weekend with the intention of getting a bunch of Amiibos autographed.  This is a convention that I haven’t been to since 2016 and back then I really was concerned with how organized it was.  Tickets for autographs that seemed pointless, autograph sessions that nobody could tell you where to go but still an enjoyable experience once you figured everything out.  Let’s see how they changed in the last few years.

So the organization improved a bit.  It was easy to find where everyone was going to be for their autograph sessions and the con had signs and maps that made navigating a very easy process.  The convention was still using the ticket system so one of the things I wanted to see was if the tickets had some sort of purpose.  Once again I was unable to get a ticket for an autograph session.  I lined up for the autograph session anyways and walked up to the staff and told them I did not have a ticket.  I still got a great spot in line.  I still do not understand the point of the tickets at all.  If you are not required to have one to get in line then anyone can just walk up, like I did, and get a spot in line just like any other autographs session.  My conclusion is the tickets are a waste of time.

The convention also had a walk of fame autograph session. For these, you can just walk right up and get an autograph from the guest, which is what I did for the other autograph sessions so I fail to see why they made a distinction. There were specific times for these people to sign; however, they wound up showing up at random times throughout the day.  This worked out very well when I stumbled upon people with short lines, but for others, I wound up waiting a long time because they started signing long before their scheduled time.  The walk of fame schedule really was thrown out the window very quickly as I managed to get all of the autographs I wanted from the Saturday 2:30pm session before 1:00pm.  If the guests are going to come and go throughout the day for signings then there’s no need to have scheduled time slots on the website.

The vendors and artists had a nice variety and I thought they were spaced out pretty well so it was not too hard to navigate around the area. I wound up not buying anything, but found several things that caught my eye.

I want to also mention the staff. They did an amazing job at this event.  Most of the staff was incredibly friendly and worked diligently to keep lines moving and fans aware of anywhere they needed to go for their events and autograph sessions.  Kudos to the volunteers that made this event possible.

I wound up not going to any panels. By the time I was done with the shopping and navigating autograph schedules, I was pretty much done with the con and went to my hotel room for the night.  Furthermore, there weren’t that many panels that caught my eye, to begin with, so I wasn’t planning on attending many, if any, from the start.

Overall, I did have fun at this event.  The shopping was fun and I got all my autographs; however, once again I failed to see the point in how they did their autograph sessions.  Ticketed sessions did not require a ticket and sessions that did not require a ticket had specific times that were completely irrelevant. None of these things would be problematic if that was clear from the start by Momocon.  So if there is one complaint, it would be to be wary of the information on Momocon’s website because the events will vary from what the website tells you.

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