Top Five Spring Fire Emblem Heroes Designs

Every spring Fire Emblem Heroes makes Spring/Easter themed redesigns of our favorite Fire Emblem characters.  Some work out really well, while others not so much.  In the spirit of spring and Easter I wanted to make a list of my top five spring designs for these characters.

5. Xander

Image result for xander spring fire emblem heroes

I really like this design a lot.  It does a great job presenting the spring colors and the fact that his weapon is a giant carrot is very humorous.  One of the things I like most about this design is the hat.  Most of the spring designs are just bunny ears but the hat makes a unique and interesting touch to the outfit.

4. Catria

Image result for catria spring fire emblem heroes

One of the things I love most about this redesign of Catria is the color.  Most of the colors used for the spring designs are lighter colors such as light purples and blues; however, this design uses a navy blue color and that makes this stand out to me a lot. The fact that they used an outfit that matches her hair made for a very interesting touch as well.

3. Lucina

Image result for lucina spring fire emblem heroes

Lucina has always been the character that has lived a very serious life but always wanted a relaxing and carefree experience such as clothes shopping and showing off cute outfits.  I really feel like this outfit is something that Lucina would absolutely wear if she had a chance to.  It’s adorable without being too revealing which works well for this character.

2. Camilla 

Image result for Camilla spring fire emblem heroes

Like Lucina, I feel like this outfit works well for Camilla.  Camilla is a character that is not hesitant to flaunt her assets and this outfit really enables her to do just that. I also like the magic aspect the costume has as you can see her levitate the decorated egg between her hands.

1, Bruno

Related image

Bruno’s outfit just has a lot in it that makes it a feat to observe. First you have the epic staff with the Easter egg on top of it.  I like how the suit looks like something you would find at a disco mixed with gold armor and the whole thing really looks awesome with his mask.  Overall this is one of the designs I feel has the most uniqueness and the most elements on it that really make this design interesting.

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