My Five Favorite Generation Two Pokemon

Generation two was an interesting time for Pokemon because it was the first time we got to see a whole new list of Pokemon appear.  While we expect more Pokemon to appear on a regular basis, back then the idea of new Pokemon game at a surprise.  Here is a list of my favorite Pokemon from this generation.

5. Aipom

Image result for Aipom

I rarely used this Pokemon in battle but I always loved its design.  It is a very whimsical Pokemon and it showed a lot of personality in its design.  Aipom was always a must have in my Pokemon collection just because I enjoyed hunting it down so much.  I could never really make an Aipom work well in battle but I would always toughen up one Aipom to use in future battles in Pokemon Gold and Silver when I got to re-challenge trainers.

4. Feraligatr

Image result for Feraligatr

Being the water type starter of generation two, Feraligatr was a must have for my party.  The thing is I really loved this Pokemon’s design.  It looked so intimidating and fierce.  The Pokemon also comes with great attack stats which works very well for how I use water Pokemon because I either go with a high attack or speed stat to get some powerful hits out of the way quickly.

3. Quagsire

Image result for quagsire

So I made i clear that I primarily enjoy water types and Quagsire was an interesting one for me.  Since this Pokemon is part ground its immune to one of water types most deadliest weaknesses, electric attacks.  The problem is this made it more vulnerable to grass types, but at least I could learn an ice type move to counter that and Quagsire came with an impressive defense.

2. Umbreon

Image result for umbreon

I usually don’t go for any of the Eevee evolution unless I’m trying to complete the Pokedex. In this case Umbreon is an exception because of how it looks.  I can imagine using this Pokemon to stealthily go into places that most Pokemon would otherwise stand out.  It was also the only dark type Pokemon of this generation that I really enjoyed using.

1. Suicune

Image result for suicune

Suicune is one of my favorite water type Pokemon of all time.  It just has an elegant look to its design and has that element of mystery with its back story.  The Pokemon dies in a fire only to be reborn as Suicune thanks to the power of Ho-Oh.  We don’t know what Pokemon it was before its rebirth and that combined with its design gives this Pokemon such a mysterious feel to it.

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