Fire Emblem: Three Houses Prediction

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So as a Fire Emblem fan and a huge fan of the Nintendo Switch I am waiting on pins and needles for Fire Emblem: Three houses. The problem is we haven’t heard anything about this game since last year’s E3 which provided a short trailer and a spring 2019 release window.  Well with no mention of this game, it’s easy to think that this means the release date has been delayed. Personally I have reason to think that it hasn’t and I’ll go into my views below.

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I follow a youtuber called Lucky Crit who does a lot of Fire Emblem videos.  He recently put a video that had one of Nintendo’s recent report to its shareholders.  In that report the new Fire Emblem game was still slated for a Spring 2019 release.  While we haven’t heard anything yet, I’m believing this is true because Nintendo has had a tendency of releasing Fire Emblem information closer to the release date in comparison to other games like Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Brothers. After all they announced Fire Emblem Echos just a few months before we actually got it and provided very little information on the Fire Emblem crossover Tokyo Mirage Sessions till closer to the release date.  For that reason I think a spring date is still feesable because they could announce more information soon and still do a few months of marketing.


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Another youtuber I sometimes watch is RGT 85, who made a great video explaining how one credible source of Nintendo information predicted a February 13th Nintendo Direct.  Now this is all speculation since it hasn’t come from any official sources, but considering we haven’t had a direct in awhile and we know of a lot of games coming out for the Switch this year, a Nintendo Direct is going to be needed to give fans more information about these titles.  This would be a perfect time to discuss Fire Emblem: Three Houses and provide a release date.  The final reason I feel this information is true actually comes from the first trailer of the game.  We can see maps, character models and a general background of the game’s story has already had a lot of work done and they announced Cristina Vee as a voice actress for one of the main characters.  This makes me think Intelligent Systems is already well into the development of the game which would help to resolve any concerns of potential delays. At least I am hoping that’s the case.

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So I’m predicting that the next direct will be soon and will have a little more to share on the new Fire Emblem game.  Now I could be wrong, but I’m really hoping I’m right because I’m really banking on a spring release.  I planned a trip to Anime Expo this year to get a lot of autographs at once and I’m hoping to be able to start an autograph collection for Fire Emblem: Three Houses on a high note by meeting a lot of the cast while I”m there.  So I wanted to do something different today than lists and reviews and I hope you enjoy.

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