Five Nintendo Games That Make Great Vacation Getaways

Have you ever looked at a game and thought, that would be a great place to visit? Nintendo is full of great locations and amazing experiences. Ignoring all the hazzards that come with the games, some games would be fun to just visit and enjoy all the views and activities they have to offer.

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine takes place on Isle Delfino. Included in this island is a huge hotel, an amusement park, an amazing beach and so much more. On the island you can enjoy great scenic views. One location sends you to a nice relaxing waterfall with a cabin and a boat rental facility nearby. The amusement park has a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, pirate ship and a wide assortment of other rides to enjoy. The beach is always sunny and includes the very popular watermelon contest. The winner is the one with the largest watermelon, but speaking from experience, it’s more fun to watch than to compete in it. If it’s getting dark and you’re still not ready for bed, the hotel is also a casino. Just remember the house always wins.

Legend of Zelda: WindWaker

Windwaker is a series of islands that exsist within a large body of water. This location is really good for people who enjoy trips to the lake, ocean, or just love being near the water. Windwaker includes a wide variety of locations that you can visit, but mostly it’s just a good place to go to in order to get away from it all. Windwaker includes your own private oasis that comes with a fancy cabin, lawn chairs and it’s even named after you. This is literally a getaway with your name on it.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

This game offers a lot of very different locations to visit. If you’re a fan of the jungle, cave exploration, winter getaways or just want a nice spot to take a relaxing drive, then this game is the one for you. Xenoblade Chronicles X includes five continents, four of which would make great vacation spots. The fifth continent is mostly lava and volcanic rock, but if you’re into that sort of thing then it’s perfect for you. One continent is nothing but jungles, while another is a desert full of old relics to find and caves to explore. We also have a continent that is in a state of perpetual winter, and then the fourth continent is a wide open area to just roam around and see the sites.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

This game takes place in a literal recreation of Shinjuku, Japan; therefore, it’s actually a location that is modeled after a nice vacation spot. If that wasn’t good enough, this area includes concerts, live tv shows and a multitude of artistic venues on a regular basis. If you’re a fan of the entertainment industry at all, then this game is where you want to be. Singers and tv stars are just walking around all over the place. If that’s not enough for you, then you need to look at the exotic foods this place has. The local mart features a limited edition honey-caramel-banana-chocolate doughnut, which is probably as good as it sounds.

Wii Sports Resort

The last game on this list has the widest variety of activities. The game takes place on a resort where you can engage in sword fighting, archery, basketball, water sports, ping pong and even throw a Frisbee. If you get bored of these activities, you can even take a plane and just fly around the island. The Island has a wide variety of activities to do that you can’t possibly come to this island and not find something you’ll enjoy. You even arrive on this island by skydiving onto the landing pad.

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