We Really Don’t Need New ‘Pokemon’

The Pokemon games have always been very entertaining; however, each generation ofPokemon games came with a new batch of Pokemon. With generation seven on its way, we will soon see over 800 Pokemon in existence. Perhaps a new approach is needed to handle Pokemon in new games rather than make a bunch of new Pokemon every time.

New Pokemon Are Just Getting Boring

As each generation of Pokemon is released, we see more Pokemon that appear to have no creativity in its creation. We have a lot of great Pokemon to choose from with unique traits and creative names, and then we have Luvdisc and Klefki. We are seeing more and more Pokemon that are items with a face on it. If that wasn’t bad enough, some are just real life animals, with slight variations. Durant is just a gray ant. There’s no need to create 100 new Pokemon if one of them is just a keychain without an evolution. It’s easier to either wait until all the Pokemon are well designed, or just release less Pokemon.

The Remakes Do Very Well

The remakes started with Fire Red and Leaf Green in generation three. Each remake only featured all the Pokemon released at the time, and yet the games fly off the shelves.Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver topped the charts the first week it was out. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby had the biggest launch in the series history, which shows that the games don’t need to slap on a bunch of new Pokemon to do well. This just shows that Pokemon games don’t have to make a bunch of new Pokemon to make a great game that sells well.

Why Not New Pokemon Forms

Generations two and four released several new Pokemon in the evolutionary chain of already existing Pokemon. Generation four didn’t release as many unique Pokemon as other generations, because it featured the most additions to the evolutionary chains of existing Pokemon. Then we have mega evolution, a concept that was introduced in generation six that allowed Pokemon to have a new evolution for the duration of a battle. This was an amazing concept because it allowed Pokemon with full evolutionary chains to be in the spotlight once again. Mega evolution also introduced evolutionary forms to multiple legendary Pokemon, including the incredibly powerful Mewtwo.

For many fans, it was more exciting to see these new forms, than the actual new Pokemon. Now we have Alolan forms in generation seven, which gives a new variation to some generation one Pokemon. We have a Ninetails that’s an ice type, and then there’s Comfey, a lei with a face. Which sounds more exciting to you?

Just Add More In-Game Activities

One of the most popular activities in Pokemon was creating a secret base in Ruby,Sapphire and the remakes. Being able to find items in game to customize your own abode in the Hoenn region was exciting. You can either find a tree near a city, or your very own island to call your own. Another fun side-activity are Pokemon contests because they gave a new strategy to consider when choosing a moveset for your Pokemon. Some Pokemon you design for combat, while others you design to win contests. It was a nice break from the main game to do a side activity, and win multiple awards for your Pokemon. Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold had a Pokeathalon which had several mini games that you could play alone or with a friend. Adding these side activities brings more excitement to these games, because it gives players more to do, and new ways to raise their Pokemon.

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