What Might Happen in Xenoblade Chronicles X 2.

Xenoblade Chronicles X was an incredible game that created a massive world with many different paths to take to discover new and exciting adventures in the game; however, the end of the game left more questions than answers. Clearly Monolith Soft plans to create a sequel for this game, so makes everyone wonder what they plan to do with a sequel when it comes out. I have a few theories on what direction they plan to take.

The Humans Inhabit More Of Mira

The entire objective of the first game was to find the lifehold. While there were a lot of other things going on that the humans established such as creating a clean water supply, and integrating the materials on Mira with their items, the humans almost completely focused on the lifehold. Now that the lifehold has been found I think that the humans will start to establish bases in more parts of Mira. It makes perfect sense for this to be the next step for them as Mira is a large place and it would be much easier to respond to situations further away if they had some sort of station nearby.

How Did The Humans Survive?

The second game will no doubt dive into the big cliff hanger of the first game which is the survival of the humans at all. The lifehold held the memories of all the humans on Mira; however, turns out that the memory drive was damaged on impact. In theory no human should have been able to move around because they were connected to their memories in the life hold, but somehow they were. The sequel should explain more about how Mira somehow kept all of the humans going.

Lao Will Redeem Himself

In the first game Lao nearly caused the distruction of humanity because they were living in robot bodies and planning to synthesize new organic bodies and Lao figured this meant that they were actually dead the whole time. Towards the end of the game Lao learned the error of his ways and then wound up mutating into a monsterous creature. We learned at the end of the game Lao survived and regained his human form so now I believe the sequel will address how Lao plans to earn forgiveness for his actions in the first game and we’ll see more about what the mutation has done to Lao both his character and his physical abilities.

The Humans Will Find A Way To Create Organic Bodies

Their are not that many people left after the events of the first game and with no way of making new humans at some point the game’s going to run out of characters. The only way to really expand on the game is to at some point give humanity a way to re populate itself. It is kind of pointless to fight for humanities survival if humanity has no way of continuing its exsistance.

So that’s my theory on how the game will contine with the sequel. I think it’ll have a primary focus on how the humans plan to evolve to adapt to what happened in the first game and how they use that evolution to thrive in the sequel. I also believe that the game will focus heavily on what Lao plans to do next since he survived the first game. Overall I think it’ll be a very different game from Xenoblade Chronicles X but still a very enjoyable experience that will satisfy all the questions left from the first game.

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