Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review

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So I finally managed to beat Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and after the success of Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fates had to really impress fans in order for it to continue being one of Nintendo’s go to franchises such as Mario, Zelda or Pokemon. So while I’m always an avid Fire Emblem fan it still raises the question, does Fates manage to impress enough to continue the new popularity to the series or was awakening a one time thing.

Fire Emblem Fates branches off into three stories. Your character is caught in a war between your adopted family who you believed was your family all your life or your actual family who has longed for you to return for your entire life. If neither of these options sounds good you also have the option to choose neither. Conquest is when you chose to side with your adopted family but in turn it takes a much darker turn than the traditional fire emblem game because while your adopted siblings strive for peace your adopted father is clearly after bloodshed.

First I want to talk about the gameplay. Much like all other Fire Emblem games Conquest manages to require a significant level of strategy in order to keep your characters alive. I found myself frustrated a few times because I would get close to the end of a chapter and then lose a unit and I always turn on permanent death so I have to re start the entire chapter if I want to keep that character alive.  Conquest proved to be absolutely brutal at times as the game would have several powerful enemies surround you at once which required a very particular strategy to survive such an onslaught. Overall I was very impressed with the gameplay, but I will admit due to its difficulty it might not be a good fit for players new to the Fire Emblem series.

As for the story, normally Fire Emblem fails to impress in this category as it chooses to use a very generic save the world from an enemy kingdom story almost every single time. Even though it’s my favorite series I’ve never bought a Fire Emblem game for the story, until now. Conquest’s story was very deep and engaging. I often found myself curious to see what situation my characters would get into next and I was very attentive to every detail and even found myself re watching cutscenes because they were so much fun to watch. For the first time since I started playing the series I can say I loved the story, but since Conquest is the darker of the three games it’s also one that hits right in the feels. You find may characters wind up dying in this game either by sacrifice, murder or even suicide. The game takes a dark turn fairly frequently to the point that I found myself shocked at some of the outcomes. While you play a good guy your side clearly does some horrific things.

My final verdict is that this is a must have for a fan of strategy games and for Fire Emblem fans; however, if you are new to the series or feel like strategy games are a bit difficult I recommend starting with Birthright. I haven’t had the chance to complete Birthright yet but from what I’ve seen it is much easier to Conquest and catered to newer fans, but Conquest can be an absolute beast and will show no mercy to your characters or your own moral. I loved this game but I can see how people who dislike dark or difficult games might not enjoy this so definitely consider that before buying this game but if you are ok with that type of story and gameplay then I highly recommend getting this game as soon as possible.

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