Xenoblade Chronicles X Review


While this review is quite a bit late this is just too massive of a game to pass up reviewing and makes for a great game to talk about as the first post for More XP. So with that being said the game was first teased several years before its release and released in Japan months before the U.S. So after all that wait was the game worth it?

To briefly summerize the game the story takes place after the destruction of earth where the surviving humans travel in space looking for a new planet to call home. After an altercation with aliens (Xenos as they call them) the humans are forced to land and live on planet Mira.

One of the things I want to talk about first is the impressive graphics. Normally graphics are not a main discussion point for me but in this case I’ll make an exception. Every location in Xenoblade Chronicles X was packed with details to where I could actually enjoy just reaching new locations and taking in all the wonderful sceneries. Once I was able to get a Skell with a flight module I spend hours just traveling around all the points that couldn’t be reached by foot.

As for the story while it was good it does take a step back from the previous game Xenoblade Chronciles. Don’t get me wrong I loved the story but where the previous game had a lot of huge moments, Xenoblade Chronicles X features a story that while entertaining and fun it’s clear that the game focuses more on gameplay. Overall the story was still amazing but I actually found myself enjoying the story from the side quests more than the main story itself luckily the game features so many side quests that it will take hours and hours of playing to get through them all; however, one problem with the side quests is that the item fetching quests are very tedious at times. Trying to find the specific items all across Mira is like looking for needles in a haystack. I had to use the game guide a lot when doing these missions to narrow down my search time.

Going on to the gameplay this is where I absolutly loved the game. The gameplay is much faster paced than the previous game and thus makes all the battles more exciting. Plus there was a lot more that can be done in this same. The side quests reveal so much about the massive world of Mira and show a variety of Xeno races that you wouldn’t see if you just played the story. Oddly enough having four characters in a party instead of three from the previous game made a huge difference for the better.

The characters were all pretty amazing. The jokes between Lin and Tatsu often resulted in laughter on my end even if they were a bit repetitive. With that being said while the game features many many characters to choose from most missions require you to use Lin and Elma instead of customizing your entire party you wind up just trying to decide who the fourth member is. This I found a little frustrating because there were many other characters I really liked that I wanted to use more during the game.

The skells in the game are by far my favorite video game mechs. The movements are very smooth and it’s a lot of fun driving around Mira in vehicle mode and flying around reaching the high points of the map.

To summerize the game I loved the story but the real meat of the game is in its gameplay from the fast paced battles and the numerious side quests and entertaining characters. My only fault is how restricted character use is during the story so if you’re a fan of rpgs in general this game is clearly a must have.

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