Lexington Comic Con 2016 Review

So yesterday, March 12th, I went to the Lexington Comic Con. Now I’ve already went to this convention once before but I didn’t have this site last year to type out what I thought. I decided to awhile back to return to this convention because it had a lot of guests that I were excited to see.

I arrived pretty early because there were some members in my group that didn’t have advanced tickets so we made sure to get them long before the convention doors opened. I loved how there was plenty of parking available and that the venue is easy to find. Note: If you’re doing northbound on I-75 google maps suggests taking exit 115. I found it’s easier taking Exit 113 because you turn right on the exit and then it’s a straight shot to the convention so it’s much easier to find that way.


Next I want to talk about the events and the panels they had.  Clearly the panels are awesome because the people that they had were great but unfortunately what they had to offer was a bit limited. First of all, I went on Saturday, they had three of the former Doctors from Doctor who and yet they didn’t have one single panel with them until Sunday. You advertise a convention featuring three doctors and save them till the day where your convention gets the lowest turnout? I was pretty disappointed by this. Also there wasn’t much variety to the panels since most of them were either Q and A sessions or speed dating. What was really difficult was that most of the people that were volunteering couldn’t help you find where you needed to go for the panels and the paid staff was almost impossible to find. I did like how there was a cosplay panel. I think Lexington Comic Con could plan out the panels better and offer a better variety but I was not disappointed with the panels they had but it did leave me wanting a little more.

I decided to try taking my photo with a celebrity guest via Froggy photos for the first time at this convention. First of all, the quality is amazing and when I get a digital DSCF4925copy I’m definitely sharing this on the More XP Facebook page.  They handled their end of the photography process well and I loved that part of the experience; however, the planning stages were completely butchered. I took my girlfriend to get pictures taken with two of the stars from Buffy (Faith and Spike) and here was how it started. Originally all the group pictures were moved to the front of the line, then they were moved behind the group just getting pictures with Spike, then everyone got moved behind the pictures with Faith, then Duo was moved up past the pictures with Faith. Overall I moved more to be a part of re organizing the line than actually moving in the line itself to take my picture. It was better with Karen Gilliam but let’s face it there was only one variation I would’ve been really disappointed if they screwed that up. I also took my picture with the three Doctors and that one was actually handled much better but there was some difficult communicating the plans on how to do the pictures with the line up so it wasn’t perfect but I was pleasantly surprised. I am hoping they took the mistakes from the Buffy pictures and learned from them.

The overall venue had a lot to offer from the booths. I saw a wide variety of items for Gaming, decorative, cosplaying, entertainment, and of course toys and comics. It was a bit crowded so walking around took some time but that’s mainly because DSCF4935it was a small room for that many booths so the space between them was narrower than at most conventions but that really didn’t bother me any. I really liked this part of the convention and really enjoyed seeing all the stuff that was available.

I had some great moments at this convention though so while a bit of this review is negative it’s stuff that’s easily fixed with more experience. This is the convention’s 5th year so it still has room to grow so I actually have high expectations in years to come. As for what I did I got to meet Bryce Papenbrook the voice of Henry of Fire Emblem Awakening. It was nice hearing that the first words he say from his script were Yay Blood!  It was fun to hear him explain how the directors wanted him to do the lines in order to embody the character Henry.  I also took my girlfriend to meet Michael Copon, Felix from One Tree Hill, and she was so excited she almost swooned. It was pretty funny. The people in costumes were fun to talk to and hang out with and they even had Daleks, Tardis, Address 221B for Sherlock Fans, a Supernatural Car and so much more. So I had a blast going to this convention and it’s a fun place to go for family and friends.

My final verdict is that this convention does have a good amount to offer. For the price of admission, it’s well worth going to this convention.  The prices for autographs and photos was great but because of the panels and the way they organize there events I do not recommend going more than one day because it won’t keep your interest past that but for the day you’re there it’s an amazing time. If the guests are good next year I can see myself going back for a third time; however, if there are not people I’m just dying to see at this convention then I’ll pass.

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