Vendor Spotlight: Loading Crew Crafts

So for this Vendor Spotlight, I wanted to bring up a company owned by a friend of mine called Loading Crew Crafts. This is a vendor that offers all kinds of custom-made products such as dakimakuras, custom prints, keychains, plushies, and charms plus they even do commissions. All of their products are made with incredible quality and they have a wide variety of not only products but franchises represented with those products. Fans of Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more can find something that will appeal to their interests.

I personally have a few of their charms and one of their prints. Many of you have probably seen the hoard of art that covers nearly the entire wall space of my office. The art featured in the center of the picture below is one I got from Loading Crew Crafts and it’s actually one of my favorites because it’s so hard to find prints that feature prominent characters from several different Fire Emblem titles so it was an instant buy as soon as I saw it.

I’ve also got three of the charms that they made and they go with me to every convention I go to because I have them tied to my travel back pack. I really love the quality of them and the fact that each side features different artwork of the same characters. My Dimitri and Lucina charms are my favorites and as you can see below you have Lucina in her usual attire and post-time skip Dimitri but if you flip them over you have the spring Lucina outfit from Fire Emblem: Heroes and pre-time skip Dimitri so it’s almost like getting two charms in one.

Loading Crew Crafts is a vendor that I absolutely have to stop at every time I see them at a convention. Part of that is because I’m friends with the owner, but I also genuinely love the quality of the products they have and their charms are one of the few items that I’ve taken with me to several conventions. I highly recommend browsing their merch if you happen to see them at an event in the future.

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