Ranking the Fire Emblem: Heroes Original Main Characters

One of the best things about Fire Emblem: Heroes is the introduction of new main characters many of which are very different than anything we’ve seen in the Fire Emblem series. Heroes have the ability to really test the boundaries of what we typically see in a Fire Emblem character and have created stories and units that are very creative and interesting to watch. Now while we are in Book Seven of the game I’m only going to feature the main characters from the first six books since we are still fairly early in the story for this one and I find it would be unfair to include it. Also to note that while Heroes features a lot of original characters this list is going to feature essentially the free 5-star units that function as the main characters for the book as well as Alfonse and Sharena. Now in this, my ranking is based on how well the story uses these characters and how fleshed out their respective stories are so you will actually see characters I personally like more take lower spots because the story doesn’t use them as well as it does other characters. Plus I honestly really like them all and think they are all amazing.

7th: Sharena

I really do hate putting Sharena in last place but the reality is that she is easily the most underused character of all the original characters in Heroes. Sharena has been in the game from the very beginning so there has been plenty of chances to really give her a lot of depth but she is used so rarely that you don’t always see her in the very trailers for the game. We see her get a little bit of importance in books three and four but it seems like she is quickly put into a supporting role for her brother Alfonse most of the time. I just want to be clear I don’t dislike her character I just think she has a lot more to offer than what the story is allowing her to give us.

6th: Peony

Peony is a very interesting character and serves as the new main character in book four. I actually think that she had a great deal of importance to the story she was featured in and made for a very entertaining character with a wonderful backstory that actually also provides us with most of the little relevance the story as a whole gives to Sharena. The only real reason she ranks so low is that I find the other characters simply have more fleshed-out stories or are put into positions where they are far more important.

5th: Ash

Ash serves as the new main character in book six and she has an interesting story that ties her as a way to defeat the diety Embla and close ties to the diety Askr which makes her an extremely important character. We do get some nice bits about her back story and she has a very unique character to her. The only real problem I have with this character is once Askr shows up it feels like Ash gets pushed to the side as a more supporting role and then gets left there for the rest of the story. Design and character-wise I like Ash a lot but I feel like the story just didn’t always know what to do with her and I think it really let her down at times.

4th: Alfonse

So I’m sure out of all the entries in this list this is the most shocking. The main character of Fire Emblem: Heroes only gets 4th but looking at the characters. He makes a great introduction in book one and is a very key player in book three; however, what makes me rank him here is the fact that with a couple of exceptions, he essentially does the exact same thing each and every time for almost all six books. Frankly, while he is the main character having him apply the same rinse-and-repeat method in each story makes him get a little old after a while. He’s still entertaining to watch and he is really fleshed out but now we mostly just see him play a leadership role that doesn’t do much to evolve his character any further.

3rd: Reginn

So Reginn is actually my personal favorite of all the original characters in Fire Emblem: Heroes and she comes in at book five of the story. Reginn has a very fun story to watch and she plays a very significant and personal role in her story to the point where she overshadows the other characters quite frequently in the book, something we don’t see much of from a lot of the other main characters. Furthermore, you get to see her story get a little more fleshed out in forging bonds in her conversations with the other Fire Emblem characters so it’s cool to see how she has some of the most continuous growth in the game.

2. Fjorm

Fjorm shows up in book two of the game and makes a huge impression right off the bat with a visually impressive trailer where she unleashes a barrage of eye-popping ice attacks. She plays a very big role in the book that she’s in and even has a cliffhanger at the end of the book, one which was addressed several years later and used as a means to introduce a new mechanic to the game, ascended heroes. The conclusion to her story adds more depth to her character and it serves to show that while their days as the main characters of their respective books are over that doesn’t mean the story is quite done with them.

1st: Eir

For me, Eir takes the top spot and is introduced in book three. In her story, Eir is faced with incredible trauma and her back story actually serves to add more trauma when revealed. Watching her overcome these struggles adds a level of character development that you don’t see nearly as much with the other main characters. She plays a vital role in her book and a made for a very compelling character. Then on top of it like Fjorm she gets even more development in a story behind her ascended form which introduces more to her back story and new challenges to overcome to add to her personal growth. She has an overwhelming amount of depth to her character that made her the clear choice for the top spot.

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