Vendor Spotlight: Colorworld

It’s only natural that at some point I was going to put Colorworld on the list of vendors that I acknowledge in my vendor spotlight. Colorworld is a vendor that I’ve been a customer of for years since Anime Expo 2019 and I have never been disappointed with any of the merch or hangouts I’ve purchased from them.

First I’ll talk about the amazing stuff you can get if you are lucky enough to see them at a convention or through their website. They had a wide array of very comfortable shirts that represent various franchises such as Pokemon, Death Note, and Naruto. My wife and I purchased a few of these shirts and even encouraged several friends of ours to do the same. You also have the metal prints that Colorworld has to offer which are a site to behold and make them easy to find at any convention. I’ve got a wide variety of metal prints including a few Fire Emblem ones I bought when they offered hangouts with specific actors and other prints that they offer at any time. The prints look amazing and the metal just adds something to them to really elevate the already incredible artwork on them.

Additionally, Colorworld offers an enjoyable virtual experience where you can get one-on-one virtual chats with some of your favorite voice actors. I’ve done this so many times and talked with actors such as Patrick Seitz, Jackie Lastra, Nazeeh Tarsha, and many more. You can get hangouts for five to 30 minutes and just converse to your heart’s content. One of the reasons I like the virtual hangout setup so much is at conventions I limit what I say to avoid taking up too much time in the line out of respect for those behind me but here you are allocated a specific amount of time that will not be rushed in any way. Plus out of all of the places that offer virtual experiences I’ve found Colorworld to be the most budget-friendly. If that wasn’t good enough they even take a picture of you with the actor and for an extra fee, they will make a metal print of the photo. I plan to do that at some point once I get a better-quality camera so I don’t appear blurry in the picture.

Plus I’ve not seen many vendors offer the dedication to offering a quality service quite like Colorworld. They are very flexible with the time slots offered for the hangouts and very easy to talk to at conventions when you want to shop for merch. Plus if something comes up they are so helpful in working with you so you still get what you paid for. For example, I had a hangout that didn’t get to happen the weekend it was planned, but a simple email to Colorworld got the hangout scheduled for a later date and I was able to enjoy my time.

Overall Colorworld offers a wide variety of merchandise such as shirts and metal prints that would look great for any collector. The shirts are incredibly comfortable and the prints look amazing. The staff are all really friendly and are dedicated to making sure their customers are happy with their purchases. The hangouts they offer are also a ton of fun and offer more flexibility and are more budget-friendly than their competitors. This is actually the reason why almost all of my hangouts have been through them. Simply put when I am this happy with the quality of service why would I go somewhere else.

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