Convention Stories: Comments that Make You go Huh?

When you go to as many conventions as I have you meet a lot of people and I mean a lot of people. Sometimes in passing and sometimes you have full-blown conversations with them and others you’re just a bystander bearing witness to something totally random. However, one thing is certain you will hear something that makes you stop and go huh.

The first story is an old one and it happened at Dragoncon 2016. I was meeting Brett Dalton the actor who played Agent Ward in Marvel Agents of SHIELD. He extended his hand for a hand shake and asked what my name was to which I told him my first and last name. (I rarely talk about my last name outside of in person conversations). After introducing myself he just pauses nods and goes “that is a powerful name” I thanked him because I at least knew it was a compliment but I honestly wasn’t sure what he meant by it.

A couple of years later I find myself at C2E2 2018 and this occured just seconds after I walked into the convention hall. Now to give some context I was wearing an orange shirt at the time of the story. I enter the con floor and I do the usual look around and decide where I’m going and as I do this I see a random guy point in my direction and as soon as I made eye contect he said “oh yeah, guy in an orange shirt” I look down and realize, yep I’m that guy. I wave and he goes “how you doing guy in orange shirt?” to which I answered honestly and explained I was doing well and he just walked off.

Fastfoward a little bit and we’re at Matsuricon 2018, my personal favorite Matsuricon to date. I’m in line for one of their autograph sessions and we’ve waited for some time for the session to start and we’re still several minutes out. This group of about six people suddenly enters the line fairly close to the front which of course enraged nearly the entire line. Now this gets the attention of the staff working the line and they try to sort things out; however, because the entire line had varying levels of attention to the situation people couldn’t agree on all of the six people who cut. The line was able to consistently point out the tall guy with a bright pink shirt so he and one other person were asked to leave the line. The guy soon comes back simply to antagonise the line and problaimes “you all can suck buttnutts” now naturally nobody in line knew what that was and I don’t think any of us still have any idea.

Our final story takes us all the way to Anime Impulse 2023 and I’m just standing around waiting for my wife who was in the rest room. An attendee walks up and starts asking about the cosplay contest something that I know nothing about. I explained that to the fan who remarks “sorry, you just has the poise of someone imortant so I thought you might know” The fan walked off and I’m left there awkwardly looking at how I’m standing trying to figure out said poise so I can be that way all the time.

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