Analysis: The Azura/Leanne Duo Unit in Fire Emblem Heroes is a Brilliant Idea

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One of the things I love so much about Fire Emblem: Heroes is how we can see all of our favorite characters in a new perspective and in many ways it’s like seeing a beloved character for the first time once again.  Recently the app has started to do this in pairs with duo units where we see two units with either their normal attire or an alternate look unified as a single unit leaving fans to wonder and enjoy the combinations formed.  Some combinations are fun but can feel a bit random like Lucina/Mia and Caeda/Plumeria while other pairs make absolute sense immediately like Veronica/Xander and Lysithia/Lute. Either way, it’s fun to see what kind of pairs results from this game, but in my opinion, no pair makes more sense creatively than Azura from Fire Emblem: Fates and Leanne from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn due to their amazing parallels.

Now you do have obvious reasons such as the fact that both characters are dancer units in their respective games and have the power to give players another turn in combat and additionally both characters are well known for their singing ability. This is all completely true but we can see so many more reasons if we take a deeper dive into these characters’ stories and abilities.

Both characters are featured singing in a cutscene in their respective games and the motivations behind their individual songs. Azura’s goal was to try and rid the evil king Garon of the evil spirit that was possessing him and was using her song as a means to do so while Leanne (with the help of her brother Reyson) sang to restore Serenes Forest to the way it was before it was burned and destroyed. Both characters strived to undo damages done by acts of pure evil. Azura’s in stopping the evil spirit and Leanne undoing the damage done by people who attacked her people in the first place due to false accusations that led to their incredible hate for her species that destroyed most of her people and her home.

Going even further we can see that both of these characters have every reason to hold incredible hate and anger in their hearts for what they were forced to go through. In Azura’s case, she was hated because of how much her mother Arete was loathed and in Leanne’s case her home and family were decimated in what was called the Serene’s Massacre due to false accusations and yet both characters are very forgiving in nature in spite of their trauma. This leads to another amazing parallel in that both of these characters also managed to heal the relentless fury held by other characters they are close to. In Azura’s case, Corrin transformed into an uncontrollable dragon following the death of their mother and it was thanks to Azura’s singing and her give of the dragonstone that Corrin was able to regain control of their senses and control of the dragon powers. In Leanne’s case, her brother Reyson held such incredible hate over the events of the Serene’s Massacre and he even attempted to take revenge for all that he lost, but it was Leanne’s forgiving and caring nature that helped him to see the error of his ways and he was able to, for the most part, let go of those negative emotions.

So as you can see both characters have a wide variety of similarities. They are singers, dancers they heal destruction that has been done to both people and land plus they are experts in taking people consumed by negativity and restoring their hearts to them. Fire Emblem features a wide variety of characters so you’re bound to get a wide array of combinations in creating duo units but this was just a perfect idea for so many reasons.

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