Super Hxeros Review: Power Rangers with Fanservice

SUPER HXEROS | Official Trailer - YouTube

So on a whim, I decided I would give the anime Super Hxeros a try. Now when I started watching this the only thing I had to go on was that it was similar to Power Rangers. Since I enjoyed Power Rangers as a kid I thought it would be a fun watch. I was expecting a lot of things, what I got was not one of them, but it wound up being ok.

The show stars a group of five teenagers fighting off aliens who want to come to earth to steal a power source called H energy. This is where the surprises start. H energy is an energy that is created when a person is aroused. The Super Hxeros harness this energy to fight off the aliens and need to do various seductive acts in order to help each other build up the energy needed for combat.

As for the plot while every member of the Super Hxeros gets plenty of screen time it focuses primarily on the red and yellow Hxeros, Retto and Kirara. Retto and Kirara were childhood friends; however, Kirara was attacked by one of these aliens and had her H-Energy stolen which caused her to be really distant towards men. Eventually, after she realizes she wants to help fight off the aliens for what they did to her agrees to work with Retto and that’s how she joins the Hxeros. The rest of the show focuses on the character development of the team as well as their fight against these aliens.

So overall the story is a lot like Power Rangers; where it differs is how these characters go about saving the world. In order to build up H-energy Retto and the other Hxeros, which are all women in his group, do various activities to arouse each other. Usually this is in the form of nudity, which is all censored, and some form of physical contact. Where this gets humorous is how awkward Retto is during these moments and how openly disgusted Kirara becomes. It is this relationship between the two of them which contains the most character development and the most humor. Retto is slowly working up the nerve to really be a fully functional leader of the Hxeros while Kirara is trying to get out of her shell so she has enough H energy to be able to help with the fight. So while I was not prepared for fanservice I was amused at how it actually worked perfectly with the plot.

The actors for Retto and Kirara, Matt Shipman and Brittany Lauda really make the chemistry between these two characters shine. It may be because they are married in real life, but regardless their acting really makes this show work. The whole show is full of talented people and every line sounds extremely well executed, but since these two are the focus it really helps that the two actors picked for these roles know how to be really expressive with the lines they are given.

I’ve already expressed my enjoyment for the humor of it but what I enjoyed most was the final thing that surprised me about this show. There is actually a significant positive message hidden within the fan service. Each of these characters is aroused by different things and the show really promotes an acceptance of what each person is interested in. Given how hard these subjects are to talk about it was nice to see a show really portray such an awkward and often avoided topic as an everyday thing and in such a positive manner.

This is not a show without its flaws though. If you’re looking for action, the fighting kind, this show really doesn’t have a lot of it. Most of the fights end after one or two attacks so they are pretty quick. This is one of the things I was looking for when I first heard about the show, but now that I actually know what the show is about it makes sense why that’s the case. Plus if you are someone that is absolutely averse to fanservice then you won’t enjoy this show.

Overall this show does have a bit of the Power Rangers feel that I came for. The show surprised me with the amount of fanservice and surprised me again with the positive message behind it and how it works well with the plot. I greatly enjoyed the humor within the show, the character development and the acting that brought these characters to life. It is limited on combat and if you don’t like fanservice then it’s not the show for you. If you can get past that and are looking for something humorous to enjoy then I recommend giving it a watch, my wife and I wound up binge-watching the whole season in one go.

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